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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Form 10 Registration Filing with the S.E.C.

We are pleased to report that our efforts to begin full-reporting with the S.E.C. / Edgar have been resolved, with the preparation and filing of a Form 10 Statement to re-register as a reporting entity.  The Form 10 route was clearly the fastest route to reporting approval, and we thank the helpful team at the S.E.C. / Edgar Department for corporate finance and compliance.  The Form 10 document is being reviewed by HHSE corporate counsel, with the plan to submit it back to the S.E.C. within the next few days.  The S.E.C.'s approval of the HHSE Form 10 will enable periodic reports (including 10Q's and 10K's) to be automatically filed on a going-forward basis.  The reinstatement of reporting status will also automatically elevate the company's OTC status to "QB" and will provide greater security for shareholders.  Thanks for your patience in resolving this matter.