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Sunday, May 21, 2017

What a difference a YEAR makes!! Brisk Cannes Reception for HHSE-Crimson as PreSale Buyer!

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - Parkinson and Shefte are enjoying a brisk market reception at CANNES to the news of the Crimson Forest merger - and the combined company's subsequent availability of $65-mm in presale financing for high-end feature film projects.  The caliber of meetings and products being presented is unprecedented for the Company - and lots of deals are being made.  In respect of the caliber of these films, each new acquisition will be announced via a separate and formal press release.  But for now, here's some quick images from the first three days of the 70th Annual Cannes Market for Hannover House / Crimson executives....

Dual Registration as Crimson and Hannover House. 

Fred and Diana Shefte at the TV Rights Dinner.

MAJOR feature announcement (our biggest budgeted film EVER) coming soon between HHSE-Crimson and UK's SILVER LINING Films (Parkinson pictured with Grant Bradley of Silver Lining).

Non-Stop action on the Palais Steps.

Lovely little alcoves, stairways and hidden gems in Canne's historic old town.

The Castle that overlooks the Canes harbor is atop the distant hill.

The Future is Bright - and so is the Cannes Beach (Parkinson really should be wearing shades!)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

FIRST LOOK: Official Theatrical Poster of "BLOOD FEAST" has Horror Fans and Publications Hungry for More!!

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - The June 23 release of "BLOOD FEAST" keeps growing in stature, breadth and consumer enthusiasm.  To best position the film for theatre lobby light-boxes and ads, we chose to go with a "lighter background" concept for the official poster... and consumers have told us that it's deliciously evil! (pardon the puns).  Watch for more news as it develops... and if you have time, check out the link below for a nice article about the release.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Opening at theatres this FRIDAY: Action-Extravaganza SHOCK WAVE!

Hannover House and Crimson Forest Entertainment Group, Inc. announce the theatrical release of "SHOCK WAVE" - launching this Friday to theatres in top markets in the USA and Canada, as well as a simultaneous release to nearly a 1,000 theatres in China.


Distribution office staff are getting the posters, trailers, final week ads and masters out to theatres now!

"SHOCK WAVE" is from acclaimed action director HERMAN YAU (director of the international hit "Legend of IP Man" series) - and features international superstar action hero ANDY LAU (most recently co-starring with Matt Damon in "THE GREAT WALL" as well as "INFERNAL AFFAIRS"). This is an AWESOME and EPIC action-adventure!


Theatre City
AMC Empire 25 New York City
Regal Commerce Center 18 North Brunswick
AMC Orange 30 Los Angeles
AMC Puente Hills 20 Los Angeles
AMC Atlantic Times Square 14 Los Angeles
AMC Cupertino Square 16 San Francisco
Riverview Plaza Stadium 17 IMAX & RPX Philadelphia
Regal MacArthur Marketplace Dallas-Ft. Worth
Countryside 20 Washington DC
Regal Hollywood Stadium 24 @ North I85 Atlanta
Edwards Marq'E 23 Imax Houston
AMC Studio 30 Houston
AMC Gulfpointe 30 Houtson
Regal Thornton Place Stadium 14 Seattle
AMC Sunset Palace 24 Miami-Ft. Laud.
UA Arden Faire 6 Sacramento
AMC La Jolla Village 12 San Diego
AMC Bloomington 11 Indianapolis
AMC Newport on the Levee 20 Cincinatti
AMC Lennox 24 Columbus
AMC Grove City 14 Columbus
Regal Dole Cannery 18 Honolulu