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Sunday, May 21, 2017

What a difference a YEAR makes!! Brisk Cannes Reception for HHSE-Crimson as PreSale Buyer!

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - Parkinson and Shefte are enjoying a brisk market reception at CANNES to the news of the Crimson Forest merger - and the combined company's subsequent availability of $65-mm in presale financing for high-end feature film projects.  The caliber of meetings and products being presented is unprecedented for the Company - and lots of deals are being made.  In respect of the caliber of these films, each new acquisition will be announced via a separate and formal press release.  But for now, here's some quick images from the first three days of the 70th Annual Cannes Market for Hannover House / Crimson executives....

Dual Registration as Crimson and Hannover House. 

Fred and Diana Shefte at the TV Rights Dinner.

MAJOR feature announcement (our biggest budgeted film EVER) coming soon between HHSE-Crimson and UK's SILVER LINING Films (Parkinson pictured with Grant Bradley of Silver Lining).

Non-Stop action on the Palais Steps.

Lovely little alcoves, stairways and hidden gems in Canne's historic old town.

The Castle that overlooks the Canes harbor is atop the distant hill.

The Future is Bright - and so is the Cannes Beach (Parkinson really should be wearing shades!)