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Monday, June 30, 2014

Ahnume Business Consultants - NTEK and HHSE

Guest Blog this afternoon from ERIC PARKINSON, C.E.O. of Hannover House:

"Good afternoon HHSE Friends - There has been a lot of chatter (and some criticism) about the engagement last year of Ahnume Business Consultants and the issuance of restricted shares in HHSE in exchange for a laundry list of services.  The most notable achievement resulting from the Ahnume services was the introduction to Nanotech (NTEK) and their work in developing the operational infrastructure to enable VODwiz to go from 'great idea' to 'reality.'  As was stated in prior filings and updates, Hannover House was embarking on quite a journey with the logistical requirements of streaming movies simultaneously to thousands of consumers.  The cost to establish servers, switches and high-speed internet access was daunting, despite HHSE's close proximity to massive fiber-optic lines near the Tyson Foods world headquarters and the Walmart Stores data servers.  Having all of these issues - and costs - picked up by NTEK was a tremendous savings in time, money and logistics for HHSE.

The principal manager of Ahnume has requested that the anonymity as a business consulting group be protected.  HHSE has honored this request.

But to be clear, and as is stated in our Form 10 filing (and other applicable disclosures), the following facts are known and can be released regarding Ahnume Business Consultants:

a).  No officer, director, manager or affiliate (or any family members) of Hannover House are in any way associated with - or benefitting from - Ahnume.  Not myself, Eric Parkinson nor Fred Shefte, or other HHSE employees, family members, friends, etc., NONE are in any way involved with Ahnume. Period. That said, we think ALL shareholders will be benefitting from the launch of VODwiz and the other introductions and advice received through Ahnume. 

b).  To the best of our knowledge (and per a representation made by Ahnume), neither NTEK nor any of the NTEK partners, founders, former managers, are involved with Ahnume.

c).  Ahnume was incorporated in Wyoming specifically because HHSE is incorporated in Wyoming;  Ahnume stated to HHSE that by incorporating in Wyoming, they would be removing the issue of jurisdiction of governing law in the event of a dispute ever arising between HHSE and Ahnume.  It is HHSE's understanding that the primary location of Ahnume's activities and principals is in New York, and that Ahnume is essentially a 'special purpose entity' established for their work with HHSE.  The terms of service between HHSE and Ahnume have expired and no disputes are anticipated.

It is Hannover's opinion that the services provided by Ahnume were worth a tremendous amount to the company, certainly more than the face value of the restricted shares that were issued last year at the time of commencement of the services agreement.  Over the coming weeks, as the VODwiz platform is expanded to consumers (with our supplier studios added), the benefit from that one venture with NTEK will be evident to those who might criticize the venture as of today.  Ahnume also provided valuable introductions, insights and advice to HHSE management, which has been useful in the past year as the company implements major new ventures and changes to the structure of the business and operations.

* * * * *

If the goal of Fred Shefte and I was personal enrichment from HHSE, we would not be loaning personal cash to the business, deferring our salaries and forfeiting back stock shares to treasury.  We understand:  many Pinksheet managers are in the habit of "issuing" themselves new shares of common stock - but not at Hannover House.

Certainly, if self-enrichment were our goal, it would be easily achieved by simply issuing shares directly... and not through some complex and convoluted scheme to create a new entity to perform business consulting services.  Frankly, we think that the principal manager behind Ahnume MAY eventually want to step up and take credit for the introduction to NTEK - but only after VODwiz is a resounding success.  Meanwhile, we respect his request to not be harassed by shareholders, naysayers and other businesses that might also want access to capital and growth opportunities. 

.... back to work!"

Tell us a bit about the Movie Production Process?

Dear HHSE Friends & Shareholders - some questions have been posed recently from shareholders and followers that are unfamiliar with the processes and steps involved in the production of a major motion picture.  Unlike a "home movie" where production "starts when you turn on the camcorder," major films enjoy many months (and in the case of "Avatar," many YEARS) of production activity before the cameras start rolling.  Most top producers will concur that it's the work that happens BEFORE you start filming that makes the biggest impact on WHAT is filmed and HOW the overall production performs relative to schedule and budget.

HHSE C.E.O., Eric Parkinson, has been directly involved with the production of more than forty (40) feature films and ten (10) TV or made-for-video programs, ranging from micro-budgeted video projects (e.g., "Teen Yoga") to major indie-releases such as the director's special edition cut of "Terminator" in 1991.

We have asked Parkinson to prepare an abbreviated primer of the production process, for posting to this blog.  In the blog, he will address the current production status of key titles (see list below) and the stages that each of these are at in the production process.  Due to pre-existing work commitments, Parkinson does not anticipate this "production primer" being ready until later this week.  But it will be posted, and should contribute to a more informed shareholder base.  UPDATE, Monday, July 7th - HHSE CEO Eric Parkinson is in L.A. for meetings until Thursday with Redbox, Netflix, Fox and Freestyle; as time permits, he will address the subject of film production steps, processes and status issues for the benefit of the curious. THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST & PATIENCE!

The movie industry is an exciting field, and it attracts a lot of followers.  Oftentimes, misinformation is presented by "wanna-be" types that like to present themselves as experts.  However, dreaming of being a producer is a far cry from actually BEING a producer... and in this industry, respect is earned from one's body of work, not from one's expert claims.  Before you accept misinformation from an "expert," ask him (or her) to validate themselves by disclosing some recent production credits.  If they are unable to evidence a body of work, then you can "consider the source" and dismiss accordingly.

* * * * *

CURRENT / UPCOMING HANNOVER HOUSE PRODUCTIONS AND PRE-PRODUCTION VENTURES (Listed Alphabetically / Only lists "Previously Announced" titles):



Friday, June 27, 2014

"The Unwelcome" could be one of the scariest films of the year!

HHSE is pleased to have pacted with Renegade Motion Pictures on the supernatural thriller, "THE UNWELCOME," slated for principal photography in October.  We're excited also about the caliber of the film's CAST, which includes a horror-film mega star (who has played a leading role in a major horror franchise that has grossed $331-million at the USA box office!).  Watch for more details soon as we announced specific cast members and production details.  HHSE is the worldwide distributor of "The Unwelcome," and feels that this title furthers the company's goal of stepping into the major market segment previously occupied by LIONSGATE.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Strong retail response to Spanish DVD Label from Hannover House

Dear HHSE Friends & Shareholders - the launch of a Spanish-language video label from Hannover House has been well received by Walmart, Best Buy and Redbox, indicating that the sales forecasts for this product line will need to be adjusted upwards.  Originally planned as the "Peliculas Ole'" brand - the new name for the label is now "Peliculas Fantastico" due to trademark and title clearance issues. 

First key releases will be the limited theatrical titles "ASALTO AL CINE" and "BORRAR DE LA MEMORIA" with direct-to-video titles comprising multipacks and additional releases.  Plan is for two releases per month from this Spanish-language video label, which Hannover House feels is complementary - and not competitive with - the other titles being released by HHSE and affiliate label suppliers for Medallion Releasing.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BAM! Exclusive Poster Launch on FANDANGO for "On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter"

Congrats to our friends and colleagues at Red Bull Media House - as well as to Dana and Bruce Brown - on today's exclusive POSTER PREMIERE for "On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter" on FANDANGO. 

We are looking forward to a major, USA National Theatrical Release on Oct. 24, 2014!


Wir freuen uns mit Ihnen auf dieser gro├čen Filmmitteilung zusammenarbeiten.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Many more titles... including national theatrical releases!

Good morning HHSE Friends & Shareholders - we received some questions over the press release on Friday which listed some of the 30+ new release titles coming soon on the Hannover House label.  All of the questions were title specific and about titles that were not included in that particular press release (including, "The Lion Prince", "Reach", "Bobby Dogs" and multipack assortments).  These titles - and many others - are still on the HHSE slate of upcoming new releases... even though not every title was listed on Friday's recap summary.  The press release said that new release titles from Hannover House "include".... and then it went on to list about 30-titles.  The use of the word "include" was not meant to suggest "... and limited to..." when quite the opposite is true. 

The release slates firm up as each target month get closer - and as retail conditions appear most optimal.  For instance, a previous discussion to release "REACH" in November was suggested to be delayed until Spring, '2015, to coordinate with a promotional opportunity with the American Cancer Society.  In another instance ("The Lion Prince"), that item's release date is being driven by the schedule availabilities of the principal talent, lending their voices to this impressive African Wilderness classic.

Lots in store this week!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Multi-title Banners / Hannover House Titles

Dear HHSE Friends - As we launch into a new campaign to significantly increase awareness, advertising, publicity and I.R. for Hannover House (launching on Monday of next week), we will be rotating the "Facebook" banners for some of the new and upcoming titles.  Pictured below are four of the initial banners that will be appearing on the HHSE Facebook page over the next few weeks.  As we move into JULY, we will begin posting SINGLE-TITLE THEMATIC banners that are likely to be published for an entire month at a time (which will generally feature our higher-profile theatrical titles, including the new, currently unannounced acquisitions).  We are extremely bullish about the substantial volume of new activities and the timing and manner of our consumer and shareholder outreach campaigns to communicate our message.

Do you have what it takes to be a Movie Mogul??

Major Media and Stock Advisors have projected that Hannover House stock could (and should) be trading at close to ten-times its current (bargain basement) share pricing.  For fun, last week we created a MOVIE MOGUL tracking chart (see below).  We've selected THREE media stocks and two stock indexes, and decided to track them each week for the next few months.  Our goal is to see what would happen to a hypothetical $5,000 investment if it were divided equally into these five items?

HANNOVER HOUSE (HHSE) is considered a HIGH-UPSIDE stock - tremendously undervalued and with tremendous potential.  But it's an OTC traded security, and some view "penny" stocks as high risk. 

LIONSGATE FILMS (LGF) has grown from Hannover's size to over a BILLION dollars in annual revenues over the past few years... with titles like "HUNGER GAMES" and "TWILIGHT" transforming their business.  They are asset strong, but some might argue that there's not as much upside potential.

NETFLIX (NFLX) continues to grow, much of it recently with international markets.  Strong fundamentals but how much higher can the stock ascend?

S&P 500 and DOW JONES indexes are considered "among the safest" investment vehicles by many advisors.  Safe, but not lucrative.  If you're just a few years away from retirement, this is probably your portfolio preference.  But if you've got some time and some risk tolerance, the individual media stocks are a great choice!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thurs, June 19

Good morning HHSE friends - crazy busy (but a "good" busy) here... unfortunately, it's meant that our follow-up blog to yesterday's items covering the successful activities from the NEW YORK MEETINGS has not yet been completed and reviewed by third-parties involved with some of the items.  However, here are some quickie updates that do not need further polish for immediate release:

a).  Collateral Financing of Theatrical Productions; 


b).  Dissolution of TCA Venture, in order to bring in greater funds under better terms;


c).  New Title Acquisitions (multi-title libraries);


d).  National Media / PR;


More to follow...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday, June 18

Greetings HHSE Fans, Friends & Shareholders - CEO Eric Parkinson returned last night from a series of meetings in New York City covering a variety of issues, including:

a).  Collateral Financing of Theatrical Productions;
b).  Dissolution of TCA Venture, in order to bring in greater funds under better terms;
c).  New Title Acquisitions (multi-title libraries);
d).  National Media / PR

Later today, these issues will be addressed in greater detail; but meeting schedules at present require that the lengthier blog be postponed.

HHSE Management is aware that a flood of downward pressure on the stock price has caused some shareholders to become nervous or impatient for the release of some of our major "good" news.  All we can say at this moment is relax, the good news is there and coming quite quickly.  Also, take notice to ignore those who benefit financially from jamming the stock down and encouraging longs to sell at artificially low prices right before our FORM 10 is files, our major CANNES titles are announced, and the details of our five-studio distribution pact are released.  The reality of the growth in revenues for HHSE is such that the PPS is illogically low, artificially low, and absurdly low.  The PPS at the moment bears no semblance to the reality of what is driving the company's revenue and release growth at present.  In fact, the PPS right now bears no semblance to what has already been achieved in backwards-looking prior reporting periods.  So hang tight... the troops are amassing for the march forward.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shareholder inquiries: specific third-party production updates.

Greetings HHSE Friends & Shareholders - We have received some emails in the past day or so, asking about "WILD OATS" and the production status.  As some of you may have seen, VARIETY and other trade publications have released the news that today's current attachments now include DEMI MOORE - replacing SARAH JESSICA PARKER - who replaced CHRISTINA RICCI.  No news is out as to which actor is going to replace JACK BLACK who replaced CHRISTOPER WALKEN... and no news about whether or not the producer's team at "Wild Pictures" will ever get it all together and actually begin filming.

But we do hope it all works out.  Hannover House has a contract for the exclusive North American distribution rights in all media.  The "Wild Oats" production team has made an offer - and Hannover House accepted - a "buy out" of the Hannover House distribution rights in order that they can accept a similar agreement from the Weinstein Company.  To date, despite the existence of a buy-out agreement, Hannover House has not been paid.

Our position is simple.  Either they buy us out, or we will seek legal remedies to enforce our distribution rights in the film.  So obviously, we're hopeful that they get it together as we feel that the company comes out positively "either way."

That said, I believe that this picture would have been made over two-years ago had they not made the decision to try and fund it without the Hannover House support.  Clearly, their "better methodology" has not yet resulted in anything more than occassional trade-publication write-ups of their revolving door of cast members.  If you're interested, here's the recent story from VARIETY:


There's another production that Hannover House is "attached" to that hasn't seem to go anywhere either.  "Dances with Werewolves" was supposed to shoot in 2011, yet hasn't launched.  We hope that they get it completed as well, as it's a very fun script with solid commercial prospects.

For those shareholders of you that have not tried the "hands-on" task of arranging for motion picture production financing, let me assure you that it's a difficult task.  Most producers take years to get funding together - and many ultimately "fail" at the task.  In the process of putting together the pieces, producers (such as "Wild Pictures") will seek distribution agreements and funding commitments from companies (such as "Hannover House").  If in the course of putting it all together, they find that they have lost any of the pieces of their funding, they are sometimes "stuck" without a whole strategy to make it happen.  In the case of "WILD OATS", the "other piece" of the financing was a company called Peace Arch, and they have since gone out of business... leaving the producers with only a "partial" plan (Hannover House) to make the movie happen.  Their strategy of getting most of the funding from Weinstein Company is a good one, but it involves another level of approvals and requires some house-keeping (such as dealing with Hannover House).

The project is TOP SHELF and solid.  Very commercial, very funny, and certainly capable of attracting cast.  If they can get it all together, it will be a good film... and a good result for HHSE.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

HHSE's "Dinosaurs of the Jurassic" - 3D Lenticular Box for Q4 HOLIDAYS!

Word Just In:  The 2014 Hannover House production of "DINOSAURS OF THE JURASSIC" will hit major retail shelves on December 9th in a special Collector's Edition 3D Lenticular Box!  The dinosaurs on the packaging can be seen in 3-D, with partial motion as the box is turned from left to right.  This item, priced at $12.96 "everyday low price" - and on special for as low as $9.96 - will be an ideal holiday stocking stuffer for kids of all ages.  We're pretty jazzed!  That's not all, next summer (2015), the title will be ideally positioned for re-release in the wake of the new Amblin Ent., / Spielberg release of "Jurassic World."

Dinosaurs of the Jurassic 
Kids / Nature-Educational / Documentary / Entertainment
2014 Production, Directed by Joshua Michael Irwin, 82 mins., Color, Dolby Stereo,
$19.95 srp (DVD) UPC 7-61450-31663-8 / $24.95 srp (BD) UPC 7-61450-31662-1

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another base-hit for HHSE

It's always interesting in the home video distribution business to see the titles that our key (mass merchant and chain) buyers respond to.  In order to get the consumer to buy our videos, we must first persuade the retailers to put it onto the shelves... so it's challenging to come up with the right art and concepts to beat out ALL of the other indie film competition in a given release window that are competing for that limited shelf or kiosk space.  Today's "base-hit" (looks like a double actually!) is POSSESSION: THE INGLODA WITHIN.  This title has gone through some name changes, but this is the final version that hit the hot button with the majority of our key accounts!  Onward & Upward for HHSE!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Updates - Hannover House

Dear HHSE Friends & Shareholders - busy day here, with the Walmart shareholder's meetings and activities (they ARE our biggest account, as you know!).  Still, in respect of shareholder inquiries, here's a quickie recap of some items being addressed right now today and over the next few days:

1).  MEDALLION - As previously announced, Hannover's new releasing entity, "MEDALLION INTERNATIONAL PICTURES" was launched at Cannes to robust success.  As originally planned and launched, Medallion has been envisioned as the releasing mechanism (and financing vehicle) for the Company's higher-end productions.  That is already happening.  What we are supplementing now is the addition of outside studio labels to the Hannover House family for our existing North American business.  This structural model - similar to the $150-mm level that Tom Sims achieved at Universal-Vivendi - is to combine four or more "complementary" (but not directly "competitive") releasing labels together for HHSE to represent.  Three established labels (plus one "start up") have already pledged to join this new multi-studio effort.  The sales entity will be known as MEDALLION RELEASING, INC., which is a 100% wholly-owned division of Hannover House, Inc., HHSE.

2).  PASEO MIRAMAR PICTURES - As previously announced, one of the titles that Hannover House "acquired" at Cannes was the urban-actioner "AMERICAN JUSTICE" from Paseo Miramar Pictures.  Under separate press release, HHSE will announce that Paseo is one of the four new studios joining forces with Hannover House and Medallion Releasing (Paseo being the "start-up" mentioned in item "1" above).  Under the venture with Hannover House, Paseo Miramar will deliver between four and six new productions to HHSE over the first 18-months of the agreement.  "AMERICAN JUSTICE" is the first of these titles.  Watch for this news release for pre-market Monday, pending approval of press release wording from the various parties.

3).  CORPORATE MATTERS - We're very pleased to announce the completion of the Form 10 Registration Statement; this document will be filed with the S.E.C. Edgar Database upon approval of Hogan-Taylor regarding their sign-off on the 2012 and 2013 audits.  HHSE is pushing for a filing within the short-term future.  All of the absurd theories from skeptics about the audit filing delays will be put to a rest, and management's prior filings and amendments will be shown to be substantially consistent with the sign-off.

4).  FORECAST FOR 2014 - HHSE managers have been asked by some of our loyal "longs" to provide a gross revenue forecast for 2014, based upon the various factors below:

a).    HHSE Historic "core" revenues ................. ??
b).    New revenues from intl. sales......................??
c).   New revenues from MultiStudio structure....??
d).   New revenues form major Cannes acqs........??
e).   New revenues from VODwiz launch............??

This is a challenging request for a variety of reasons, elaborated below:

a).   HHSE core business has consistently fallen in the range of $3-mm to $4-mm per annum.  There is no reason to expect this to vary for 2014.  So it's quite easy to put a figure on this core business.

b).  The company has written many millions in deals for current productions, which under GAAP rules for bonded productions can be realized as revenues at any time from contract execution through delivery.  How much of this will the company choose to report for 2014, vs 2014 when the films are delivered?  The revenues and fees do not "go away" if the decision to split the revenue recognition timeframe is pursued.  But it makes it hard to say now - in June - how much the company will want to book for 2014?

c).  Under Tom Sims, Vivendi was moving $150-mm per year as a multi-studio venture;  under Tom Sims, Allegro was moving north of $20-mm per year (based on the difference in product label caliber).  So how many millions will the multistudio venture of HHSE (under Medallion Releasing) generate?  Could this division be $20-million per year BY ITSELF?  Certainly, once it's fully running.  But how many outside-studio label titles can be placed during 2014?  This makes it hard to put a 2014 revenue number out at this time for this specific activity.

d).  Major Cannes Acquisitions - There are several jaw-dropping deals in process from Cannes.  It's possible that HHSE will ultimately NOT get any of these titles.  It's also possible that HHSE would get ONE or TWO of these titles... each being worth $6-mm to $10-mm in revenue ranges.  Again, there is such a material impact to the company if any of these deals "closes" that it makes it difficult to put a 2014 revenue figure on this category.

e).  VODwiz Revenues - with 10 supplier studios in place, and hundreds of new titles ready for on-boarding within the next few weeks, it seems assured that HHSE will meet the goal of a consumer launch this summer (and with 2,500 titles onboard or in process of onboarding).  What sort of revenue number will this generate?  We don't know, so it's challenging to make a projection.

One of our longs - a shareholder who is ACTUALLY in the filmed-entertainment business - felt that the company could be positioned to gross $15-mm to $20-mm in 2014.  We concede that this figure is a possibility, but we do not make a formal corporate forecast as such.  If we have a stellar year of 300% growth over 2013 (i.e., about $10-mm gross), and the market was looking for $15-mm+, then we'd be viewed as not hitting forecasts.  So here's our forecast:  WE'RE KICKING ASS already in 2014, and it's CLEARLY going to be a significantly stronger year than anything in the past.  We're not putting a more specific revenue number on it, however, as a record year is worth noting regardless.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hannover House Positioned Perfectly for Changing Distribution Marketplace

Dear HHSE Friends & Shareholders - today's breaking news, that International Indie Powerhouse E-ONE ENTERTAINMENT has purchased North American Walmart vendor PHASE 4 FILMS is like Christmas in June for Hannover House (see breaking news article link below).

Why is this good news for HHSE?  We'll explain:

E-ONE has a significant line-up of mid-level features, including theatrical titles.  Until now, they have had to spread these releases among four of five other indie studios servicing the North American home media market - often placing their titles with ANCHOR BAY, ECHO BRIDGE, PHASE 4 or RLJ / IMAGE Entertainment.  Having their own "direct" access into Walmart now (as owner of Phase 4) means that E-ONE will no longer be feeding titles into those other Hannover House competitors... and it also means that current supplier-labels utilizing Phase 4 Films will need to find a new "master studio" home for their labels on a going-forward basis.

With the HHSE addition of TOM SIMS as V.P. of Sales - and his pedigree of having been the Walmart buyer for Anderson Merchandisers (a 'consolidator'), the Director of National Accounts for Universal Music Group / Vivendi (also a 'consolidator') and as VP of Corporate Development for Allegro Media Group (a multi-label 'consolidator') - it puts HHSE in the driver's seat to become the leading one-stop "master" distributor (consolidator) of indie studio labels into Walmart and other key accounts. 

Without increasing the company's basic operating overhead, HHSE can triple - or quadruple - annual revenues by acting as the master one-stop for other indie studios needing access into Walmart, Redbox, Netflix and the other key accounts that HHSE is already servicing.  Phase 4 will be focusing on maximizing sales for E-ONE titles - not on outside label product - and this is shaping into a multi-million dollar "Christmas in June" surprise for Hannover House!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Welcome TOM SIMS to the HHSE Management Team!

Hannover House is proud and honored to have TOM SIMS as our new Vice President of Sales.  He is one of the most successful and respected executives in the home entertainment industry.  He was a former buyer for Walmart / Anderson Merchandisers (13-years), a former Universal Studios / Vivendi executive (6-years), a former VP for Allegro Media Group (5-years)... and now, he's the man that will help take HHSE past the $20-mm annual revenues level!  GO HHSE!!

Additional Staff openings - Hannover House, Inc.

Dear HHSE Friends & Shareholders - as the company's revenues are growing rapidly, and the demands of our release slate are increasing exponentially, Hannover House is looking for more support staff assistance.  The following posts are being pursued, all of which will be headquartered out of the company's principal offices in Springdale, AR:

SALES ADMINISTRATION ASSISTANT - Principal support staff team member, reporting to VP of Sales, Tom Sims.

ROYALTY MANAGER - Bookkeeping position, maintaining monthly sales and revenue-share logs for participating VODwiz supplier studios and individual program suppliers; reporting to Fred Shefte and Daniel Ackerman.

TECHNICAL SERVICES MANAGER - Receipt of master elements from program licensors and VODwiz participating studios; conversion of existing elements to proper formats for DVD, BD and VOD distribution; reporting to Eric Parkinson.

PRODUCTION MANAGER - Coordination of outside suppliers, vendors and production-specific personnel on current video productions and features (e.g., "Legend of Belle Starr", "Mother Goose", "Dinosaurs of the Jurassic World"); reporting to Eric Parkinson.

PUBLICITY & MARKETING ASSISTANT - Coordinating with sales team and outside PR firms for the dissemination of new release information, publicity, social and industry media alerts; reporting to key management staff (Parkinson, Shefte, Sims).

Salaries and benefits are competitive.  Suitable candidates may submit resumes by mail or by email (please, no drop-ins) to:

Hannover House, Inc.
New Personnel Inquiries
1428 Chester St.,
Springdale, AR  72764

Email:  HannoverPR@aol.com