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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday, June 18

Greetings HHSE Fans, Friends & Shareholders - CEO Eric Parkinson returned last night from a series of meetings in New York City covering a variety of issues, including:

a).  Collateral Financing of Theatrical Productions;
b).  Dissolution of TCA Venture, in order to bring in greater funds under better terms;
c).  New Title Acquisitions (multi-title libraries);
d).  National Media / PR

Later today, these issues will be addressed in greater detail; but meeting schedules at present require that the lengthier blog be postponed.

HHSE Management is aware that a flood of downward pressure on the stock price has caused some shareholders to become nervous or impatient for the release of some of our major "good" news.  All we can say at this moment is relax, the good news is there and coming quite quickly.  Also, take notice to ignore those who benefit financially from jamming the stock down and encouraging longs to sell at artificially low prices right before our FORM 10 is files, our major CANNES titles are announced, and the details of our five-studio distribution pact are released.  The reality of the growth in revenues for HHSE is such that the PPS is illogically low, artificially low, and absurdly low.  The PPS at the moment bears no semblance to the reality of what is driving the company's revenue and release growth at present.  In fact, the PPS right now bears no semblance to what has already been achieved in backwards-looking prior reporting periods.  So hang tight... the troops are amassing for the march forward.