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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Strong Retail Sales Trigger Walmart RE-ORDERS for "UNION BOUND" DVDs!!

Good afternoon HHSE Friends & Followers - The August 16 street date for "UNION BOUND" at Walmart and other key retailers, has been met with a strong consumer response.  Accordingly, re-orders have been filled at Walmart locations that not only completely depleted the back-stock inventory, but required another manufacturing run!  The title continues to "hold" its shelf placement, due to consistent consumer sales... which is always a welcomed event in the home video business!

Good Audience Reaction to "GREATER" Release

Congratulations to venture partners GREATER PRODUCTIONS and HAMMOND ENTERTAINMENT on a solid opening for "GREATER" this past weekend at the box office.  Locations in Arkansas (not surprisingly) had sold-out shows... whereas the film performed with less enthusiasm outside of the "Southeast Conference" football markets.  Overall, the film generated $627,000 for about $1,850 per-screen average.

Lots of positive media support could help the title hold strongly this week... including an effusive shout-out and praise from Rush Limbaugh yesterday.


Hannover House is proud of our production affiliation for this film, and we remain supportive of all "Made in Arkansas" feature productions.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


The difference between the Men and the Boys is the Size of their Toys!  And in the motion picture business - with BIG films including MOTHER GOOSE and  other features that are in active pre-production - the lobby of Hannover House is starting to look more like the Paramount Back Lot! Will these "big" movies be the catalyst to elevate Hannover House to a major stature?  We shall know soon!  Meanwhile, we're loving the production process...

Friday, August 26, 2016

Settlement entered on Redbull case - as previously disclosed


BRANDON ROUTH exploded into international stardom in 2006 with his leading performance role in "SUPERMAN RETURNS," which grossed over $200-million at the USA Box Office, and more than $391-Million Worldwide.  His current star role in DC Comic's "LEGENDS OF TOMORROW" has turned into a mega-hit TV Series for the CW Network.. Clearly, he is a star of mesmerizing stature with a growing visibility, fan base and commercial value on a rapid ascent!

It is with great enthusiasm that Hannover House and Medallion Releasing announce the January 10, 2017 home video and V.O.D. release of Brandon Routh's newest, epic action-adventure feature film, "LOST IN THE PACIFIC" - a big-budget, English-language film shot primarily in China and the South China Sea.

Combining elements of mystery (ala "LOST") with the action-adventure of an airplane thriller - and the timely element of a mysterious disappearance of a commercial jetliner - "LOST IN THE PACIFIC" should appeal to a broad base of video consumers and movie lovers. Watch this space for more details... GO HHSE!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Some Projects turn out GREATER than expected!

Good Morning HHSE Friends & Followers - It's been TWO years since producer Brian Reindl and director David Hunt contracted with Hannover House for motion picture production equipment (and our Diesel Grip & Electric Film Production Truck) for their production of "GREATER."  Now, this Friday, "GREATER" comes back home!  This inspiring, independent feature about PERSEVERANCE IN THE FACE OF OPPOSITION AND ADVERSITY opens on 214 screens across the USA, with the heaviest screen count occurring in the Southeastern USA region (due in large part to the film's COLLEGE FOOTBALL THEME and the fact that the University of Arkansas is in the Southeast Conference College Football League).

National publicity has been extensive already, ranging from CBS Sports and the S.E.C. Network to USA TODAY and hundreds of local newspapers.  HHSE is proud of our involvement with this project, and we remain cautiously optimistic of a good opening weekend at the box office!


Friday, August 19, 2016

Epic Week of Positive Developments for HHSE!

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - there have been several positive developments for the Company over the past few days that merit a post.  We appreciate those of you who understand the mechanisms of our various strategies and procedures for resolving current legal issues, current marketing activities, current financing developments and current and upcoming new releases.  It's easy for non-experts or casual observers to get confused about what this-or-that development means, so we'll try to be as clear as possible to maximize the comprehension and resulting enthusiasm for this week's highlights!

1).  NEW RELEASE UPDATES - Our Sept. 6 street date for THE LINDA VISTA PROJECT at Walmart Stores nationwide in the USA arrived at the DC's on Wednesday, and will be on the shelves in less than two weeks.  This is the eighth consecutive new release that we have placed into Walmart (starting with June Street Dates) since moving our primary wholesale venture partner over to Cinedigm.  As HHSE / Medallion was one of the first suppliers to abandon Alchemy months prior to their July 1st bankruptcy, we have become the beneficiary of "extra shelf space" availabilities due to a hiccup in competition.  By January, there will be other suppliers fighting more aggressively for the shelf positions that we're currently snagging each month at Walmart and Best Buy.  So we'll enjoy the pop in revenues while we can - and know that our bigger theatrical titles (hitting home video next January, February, March), will more than compensate for the added competitive pressures forecasted next year for lower-end (direct-to-video level) releases.

Other new release DVD titles "in queue" for Walmart in the next few weeks are DAY OF REDEMPTION, BAD GIRL, JOB'S DAUGHTER and REVELATIONS.  Our DVD replicator is LOVING HHSE lately!!

2).  AWARDS CAMPAIGNS - HHSE / Medallion is handling the various Awards campaign for the Lionsgate / Premiere / Sterling Pictures release of "CHOSEN" (starring Harvey Keitel). This awards consideration campaign for "CHOSEN" will concentrate on Keitel as best supporting actor, best wardrobe and best sound categories.  The company also has a major, major title for theatrical launch in December that will be pursued for best actor, best score and best picture.  Super exciting, game-changing stuff.

3).  LEGAL UPDATES - a).  The absurdly small and frivilous matter involving "AMITYVILLE" producers suing Hannover House resulted in a win yesterday for HHSE. In a closed hearing in the judge's chambers, the judge denied the motion to compel HHSE to make delivery of documents which had already been delivered, and denied the motion for legal fees for the Amityville counsel. The entire matter was kicked downstream a few months, with the invitation for HHSE's counsel to file for sanctions.  HHSE's counsel has also filed a counter claim.  b).  The Daniel Ackerman pay matter has been discussed in detail with his counsel and a payment plan structured. Although HHSE has still not been served in this dispute, the terms of the resolution call for the case to be withdrawn.  c). The Redbull suit is fully settled and the dismissal filing with the court has been approved by both counsels. d).  The TCA matter has been successfully re-opened, including the HHSE counter-claim action.  There are no legal matters which pose any form of material or operational threat to the Company at this time.

4).  PRODUCTIONS - The financing venture with Silverline & U.K. Investors (for "AJA" and "MOTHER GOOSE") took a very positive turn this past week with the expansion of the investment capital into a much larger, revolving fund for the production and release of major motion pictures.  For those that have said "Hannover House is one hit movie away from being the next Lionsgate," then having an association with this major fund may later be viewed as the seminal turning point for the Company to elevate from lower-budgeted, video-driven releases, to consistent, mainstream theatricals.  We will update our shareholders as details of the HHSE involvement as distributor of multiple major features are approved for public disclosure.

Another interesting funding venture arose this week for the production and distribution of "SHADOW VISION" - a great concept for a sci-fi thriller that has languished on the "will produce it someday list" for Hannover House.  The film's premise (of a blinded woman who develops remote viewing skills after an experimental treatment) lends itself to a variety of plot options - and the original Act 3 was too costly (involving a terrorist attack on a Nuclear Power Plant).  The new Act 3 concept from the investors is just as thrilling, but at a fraction of the expense.  Additionally, this film will be one of the first productions to access both forms of financing from the State of Arkansas incentives programs.  Principal Photography commenced on "SHADOW VISION" several years ago, but was stopped due to budgeting and access concerns about the Nuclear Plant finale' of the original screenplay.  The existing footage (shot on 35mm Panavision - as opposed to the new film, which will be shot in 4k HD) should make for an interesting DVD bonus feature item!

5).  MORE ACQUISITIONS FOR THEATRICAL / HOME VIDEO - We have previously announced PALI ROAD on this blog - which enjoyed a 42 screen theatrical release earlier this year.  There are FIVE more titles that will be posted onto the blog in the next few days and weeks, keeping the HHSE / Medallion train roaring on track for a record year!

6).  BOOKS?  Yes, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Hudson Group have stepped up to support independent publishers, as the book wholesale and retail industry has finally stabilized after a five-year turmoil. The expansion of 100+ new stores by Barnes & Noble recently has temporarily hit their earnings, and they board voted out their C.E.O. yesterday. But the long-term prognosis for the industry with physical book sales is good and industry experts predict a record year in 2017.  HHSE plans to be involved in releasing more books - including "movie tie ins" such as a screenplay / production shot book on "MOTHER GOOSE: JOURNEY TO UTOPIA" - as such items have been selling north of 200,000 copies when released simultaneously to a national theatrical release break of the film.

7).  CORPORATE GOVERNANCE - The company is late on filing Q2's.  This will be promptly resolved.  The Company has missed its internal target goals for the filing of the Form 10 registration statement - due primarily to the complexities of our Film Library Valuation in light of having almost 500 titles now. The L.A. based firm handling the HHSE / Medallion Library Valuation Report also handles most of the major studios, so do not be mislead by stock chat board misinformation.  The company always has, and always will, conform to industry protocols in all reporting aspects, including a Film Library Valuation report, GAAP accounting and those additional controls and procedures enacted by our auditors to enable full compliance.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Acclaimed Thriller, PALI ROAD, to hit DVD / BluRay in December from Hannover House!

International Superstar MICHELLE CHEN stars along with Twilight's JACKSON RATHBONE, "L.O.S.T." star HENRY IAN CUSICK and "Winter's Bone" co-star LAUREN SWEETSER in a 2016 theatrical thriller that played in top markets across the United States.

PALI ROAD is a mysterious journey through madness or parallel dimensions, as a woman awakens from an auto accident to discover that she is living an entirely different life.

Hannover House / Medallion will release PALI ROAD onto DVD and BluRay Dec. 13, 2016.

PALI ROAD is the sixth theatrical release in 2016 for HHSE home video release - in a video retail marketplace that now greatly prefers the credibility, stature and consumer momentum generated by prior, legitimate theatrical exposure.

PALI ROAD THEATRICAL RELEASE CITIES – (Opening Markets, April 29, 2016)

HONOLULU  Consolidated Kahala 8  Regal Cinemas Dole Cannery 18  Regal Cinemas Pearl Highlands 12  Regal Cinemas Windward Mall 10

BIG ISLAND  Regal Cinemas Keauhou 7  Regal Cinemas Prince Kuhio 9

MAUI  Maui Mall Megaplex Cinema

LOS ANGELES  AMC Burbank 8  AMC Atlantic Times Square 14  AMC Fullerton 20  AMC Orange 30  AMC Puente Hills 20

NEW YORK  AMC Empire 25

ATLANTA  AMC Phipps Plaza 14

 AMC Loews Showplace 11

 AMC Grapevine Mills 30

 AMC Southpoint 17

 AMC Studio 30

 AMC Aventura Mall 24

 AMC Loews Cherry Hill 24

 UA Riverview Plaza Stadium 17 RPX & Imax

 AMC Loews Waterfront 22

 AMC La Jolla 12

 AMC Metreon 16
 AMC Cupertino Square 16
 AMC Eastridge 15

 AMC Pacific Place 11

 AMC Loews Rio 18

Hickory 8
901 Bell Road
Antioch, TN 37013-3103

Carmike 10
3443 Lorna Ridge Road
Birmingham, AL 35243

Peachtree 8
3131 Manchester Expressway
Columbus, GA 31909

Carmike 8
2705 North Main Street
High Point, NC 27265-2820

Carmike 10
1359 Old Monrovia Road
Huntsville, AL 35806-3517

Movies 7
175 N Seven Oaks
Knoxville, TN 37922-2360

Palm Cinema 3
4226 Old Highway 37
Lakeland, FL 33805

Carmike 8
7102 N.W. Cache Road
Lawton, OK 73505-2710

Carmike 10
3151 Mapleleaf
Lexington, KY 40509-2604

Mall 4
2218 North Cove Boulevard
Panama City, FL 32405-5321

Blueridge 14
600 Blueridge Road
Raleigh, NC 27606-6307

Cinema 7
2150 Cherry Road
Rock Hill, SC 29732-2160

Wynnsong 8
1640 John B. White Sr. Boulevard
Spartanburg, SC 29306

Friday, August 12, 2016

Best-Selling QUIETUS to relaunch at Book Chains in new TRADE COVER Edition

"QUIETUS" by author Vivian Schilling - first released by Hannover House in  January 2002 - will be re-released in a new Trade Cover edition through BARNES & NOBLE, BOOKS-A-MILLION and HUDSON BOOK locations across the USA and Canada.  This new edition will also be sold for the first time into bookstores in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland through a new European distribution pact to be announced separately.  "QUIETUS" has already sold over 100,000 copies, inclusive of the Hannover House Hard Cover release, plus the first Trade Cover edition sub-licensed to Penguin Putnam Group and the first Mass Market Paperback edition sub-licensed to Oynx.  "QUIETUS" has generated strong reviews from major publications including Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, The New York Review of Books, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Midwest Book Review, Foreward Reviews and many more.  The Trade Cover edition will be listed at $14.95 suggested retail.

Hannover House believes that quality fiction titles have a long catalog life, and can be profitably re-released in new editions and formats, to reach new audiences every few years.

Don't bet AGAINST Hannover House / Medallion!

Good morning HHSE Friends & Followers - HHSE Management gets emails almost every day asking us "why is the stock price so artificially LOW" and "when will we return to our regular baseline of $.03 / share - thus positioning us to hit the $.10 / PPS target?"

The answer we've heard from many sophisticated traders is easy:  Short Sellers have sung a false chorus for YEARS that "the sky is falling" in order to try to persuade low-information shareholders (or emotional sellers) to dump stock to them cheaply.  Just study the comments made over the past five years of imminent doom that never occurs... "horrible stuff" that will be the end of HHSE, so SELL US YOUR SHARES NOW, CHEAPLY!  Look at yesterday's trading for instance.  89% of sales were FAKE sales from SHORT SELLERS hoping that someone will BAIL THEM OUT within three days by selling shares LOWER than $.0078.

So what's the solution?  One wise shareholder suggested:  "Don't sell to them.  In fact, FORCE them away by BUYING their fake sale," and then they MUST cover it at whatever price the market demands.  Hurt them in their pocketbooks... just like they have hurt the LEGITIMATE HHSE Shareholders these past few years."  

The practicality of such a solution, however, is not quite simple.  You see, HHSE Management needs to take some of the blame for creating conditions that facilitate such trading activities. Many have rightfully criticized the company for taking months past target goals to complete and file the revised Form 10 Registration - and they cite this delay in registration as a reason why VOLUME (buying) has been LOW, and thus enabling nickle-and-dime stock shorters to make some tiny pocket changes by manipulating the HHSE share price. By pocket change, we are simply referring to how LITTLE these traders are making by "selling" 100,000 shares at $.007 and then SCRAMBLING to "cover" the sales at $.0065.  The "profit" is literally $120.  Yes, ONE-HUNDRED-TWENTY whopping dollars. About the price of a steak dinner for two at OUTBACK, if that's your idea of a good lunch choice. So make no mistake, the traders that are "shorting" 100,000 blocks of HHSE are extremely small potatoes compared to upside available for longs when the volume begins to rise again.  Look at this past week:  we posted ONE press release (and minor impact news) and the VOLUME quadrupled!  Imagine what will happen when we start releasing our BIG news?  The buying volume will flood the sellers and this will have a major and positive impact. 

So, yes, the stock has been hurt by tiny little short sellers.  But HHSE management takes responsibility for suppressing buyer enthusiasm from our delayed corporate compliance issues.  We get it. And we also know that longs are the right bet...

HHSE Management does not provide investment advice, but we're BULLISH on the company and our new activities.  So from our worldview, this trader has some solid ideas.

Don't bet against HHSE, you'll lose that wager....

* * * * *


Dear HHSE Investor Relations:
Here is your Buyins.net RegSHO Compliance Alert for August 11th, 2016. Our RegSHO Compliance Service helps to protect HHSE from short sellers and market makers that are violating the more stringent RegSHO market integrity provisions recently enacted. We are monitoring the trading activity in HHSE and here is today’s report:
Total Trading Volume:  195998
Daily Short Volume: 175998
Avg. Price of Shorts Today:  0.007
Short %: 89.80
Volume at Offer:  35999
Buy%:  18.370
Volume at Bid:  159999
Sell%: 81.630
Shares Crossed: 0.000
Cross%: 0.000
Net Buying vs. Selling: -124000
Price Change:  0.00010
Friction Factor: 0
The above data is used to calculate if a fair market is being made in the shares of HHSE. Friction Factor determines if there is normal or abnormal behavior in the price action of the stock when compared to the buying vs. selling trading statistics. Today, your Friction Factor was 0. Here is how to understand Friction Factor:
1.  If Friction Factor is positive, more buying than selling caused HHSE’s price to rise
2.  If Friction Factor is negative, more selling than buying caused HHSE’s price to fall
3.  If Friction Factor is 0, there was no discernable activity either way
4.  If Friction Factor is abnormal, it means that more buying than selling caused the price to drop, which is evidence of manipulative activity.  In some cases more selling than buying can cause the price to increase.  While this is rare, it must be noted as well.
By signing up for our RegSHO Compliance Service, we will monitor your trading daily and identify short selling, illegal short selling, manipulative market maker activity and alert the media when a short squeeze begins and when forced buy-ins occur because we were able to get broker dealers, FINRA or the SEC to force “buy to covers” upon short sellers that have not located, borrowed and delivered shares shorted by T+3.
Here are our unique data sources:
1.  Nightly Threshold Security Lists ("Naked Short Lists"):  data comes from AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, OTCBB, PINKSHEET exchanges directly.
2.  Daily Size of Failures to Deliver ("Size of Naked Shorts on a day to day basis):  directly from SEC
3.  Daily Short Sales Times and Sales Data:  data comes from AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, OTCBB, PINKSHEET exchanges directly.
4.  Brokerage firms that trades go through:  data comes directly from AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, OTCBB, PINKSHEET exchanges
5.  Names and positions of short sellers with assets under management exceeding $100 million: data will come directly from SEC
6.  Blue Sheet Data Requests:  We deal directly with FINRA and SEC to alert them as to which stocks and which brokerage firms SEC and FINRA need to investigate.

7.  Trading Statistics and Friction Factor are based on data provided by all US stock exchanges and proprietary analysis of the activity.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

HHSE-Medallion Aim for Golden Globes / SAG / BAFTA with WWII Thriller "CHOSEN"

"CHOSEN" - a critically praised World War II thriller from Cannes Award Winning Best Director, Jasmin Dizdar ("Beautiful People"), will be released to theatres in the United States and Canada this fall by Hannover House, Inc. and Medallion Releasing, Inc. with the support of production company Sterling Pictures (UK) and North American Distributors Lionsgate Entertainment / Grindstone Entertainment. The special engagement release will target high traffic theatres in larger markets, and will be coordinated alongside an outreach campaign to voters of eligible major film competitions.

Special emphasis will be placed to bring the film to the attention of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Golden Globes), due to the film's historic relevance, superb production values, U.K. certification status and notable performances.

"CHOSEN" was written and executive produced by Gabriel De Mercur, and is based on the true story of Hungarian Jews who posed as Nazi Officers to infiltrate and sabotage the German war efforts. The film stars Academy Award nominee HARVEY KEITEL ("Pulp Fiction"), LUKE MABLY ("28 Days Later") and ANA ULARU (co-star with Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones in the upcoming Ron Howard / Dan Brown thriller "INFERNO"). Other producers include Mike Riley, Sylvia Caminer and Tim Dennison.

Hannover House has emerged recently as one of the top specialty distributors of quality, independent films to theatres. The company's June 17 release of "The Homeless Billionaire" set a house record for an independent release at the Regal E-Walk theatre in New York City, with an astounding one-week gross of $40,484.  Targeted promotions in support of the release of "CHOSEN" will include bulk ticket sales to School groups and Jewish-Interest organizations, as well as traditional marketing support.

Watch this space for the posting of the Theatrical Trailer and additional release information.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

UNION BOUND "Street Date" makes for EIGHT titles now at Walmart!

Holy Smokes!  The April HHSE Theatrical release of the Civil War Drama "UNION BOUND" is now on DVD at Walmart Stores across the USA. With the momentum from the national theatrical exposure - and support from more than a dozen major publications and cross-promotional sponsors - we are cautiously optimistic that consumers will respond to the Walmart New Release "Everyday" low price of only $9.96 per DVD.

But that's not all - the DVD release of UNION BOUND marks the first time since 2004 that Hannover House / Medallion has had EIGHT titles into Walmart stores at the same time (inclusive of Canadian locations).  Although not every Walmart is carrying all eight of these titles, it's still impressive and notable to find the following titles on sale (listed alphabetically):


Will HHSE / Medallion be able to maintain this incredible sales momentum?  We will find out soon as new titles are being added for September, October and November - including THE LINDA VISTA PROJECT, DAY OF REDEMPTION, BAD GIRLS, REVELATIONS and JOB'S DAUGHTER as new release DVD titles already slotted!