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Friday, May 31, 2013

THANK YOU to all our Company "long" shareholder supporters!

From all of us at Hannover House, we want to THANK the legitimate Shareholder "longs" who remained patient and kept-the-faith while we navigated some difficult waters.  With the announcement and OTC Disclosure of the Company's Credit Facility agreement with TCA Global Master Fund, we see smooth waters ahead as we cruise to new and exciting destinations.

Over the next few weeks, we will release new title details from recent acquisitions, and will be releasing corporate governance items as promised.  The closure of the TCA venture was 2-months in the works, and monopolized the time of HHSE managers... so other items that had been put onto the back-burner can now be brought forward and addressed / disclosed.

For those that have predicted (for more than two years!!) that "the sky is falling," we'd like thank you for the attention you've given to the Company, despite the obvious errors of your conclusions.  And for clarity: 

1).  Yes, TCA does have a lien against the Company's extensive and extremely valuable Film Library (and it was included in their Due Diligence review for accuracy and historic / current sales activities);

2).  Yes, the Company has already received a significant initial tranche of funding;

3).  Yes, most of the funding has been used for the acquisition and release of new titles (including eight new film and video releases), that collectively are anticipated to generate over $4-million in short term revenues for the Company;

4).  Yes, the transaction is extremely beneficial to the Company and it's shareholders;

5).  Yes, the attorney Compliance Letter is completed and will be uploaded shortly (tonight) to restore the OTC Markets Current Information status for HHSE.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Interesting featurette to view...

The Hannover House release of "Na Pude", retitled "TOYS IN THE ATTIC" has already become one of the Company's most popular releases.  But it took quite a bit of work to adapt the film from the original Czech language and recast and remix it for the U.S. audience.  English Adaptation Writer-Producer-Director Vivian Schilling provides an unprecedented look behind-the-scenes of the creative and technical processes involved with this project in a special YouTube featurette,  It's definitely worth viewing! 

Happy Memorial Day to all HHSE friends and fans.  We are looking forward to a great (but short) week of exciting activities to share.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

From an Urban Nightmare... to the American Dream.

"Shuck & Jive" is the riveting, true story of a small-time hustler and conman who ultimately escapes the streets and generates his own success and redemption.  Hannover House has acquired all Sales Agency (Distribution) rights to this amazing and inspirational story, and will oversee the private financing commitment for the film's production and theatrical release.  Principal photography on this feature film is scheduled to begin in September (2013) with an April (2014) theatrical launched planned. Watch for more details as casting and principal talent are made public!

Crikey!! Irwin's legend lives on....

It's hard to believe that it's been almost seven years since the bizarre and untimely death of internationally acclaimed animal expert STEVE IRWIN.  But his work lives on, and the interest in his DVDs and nature film programming is high.  Hannover salutes his amazing body of work in entertaining and educating an entire generation on wildlife and nature!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Updates on a Variety of Things...

Good Afternoon HHSE Friends & Shareholders - As requested, listed below are some items not covered in the Board of Directors meeting as posted today on the OTC Markets site.

1).    Status of "Yield" Sign on OTC Markets -- The Company has fully complied with the disclosure filings for "Current Reporting" status, but is missing the Attorney's Letter stating as much.  The Securities Attorney that will be posting this letter is currently working on the Corporate Financing documents listed in the Board of Directors Minutes, so it will be a couple of more days before the Attorney Letter is posted (at which time, our designation should return to "Current" / Fully Reporting Pinksheet status).

2.    Status of Audits -- We've had a very positive development with respect to completing the 2011 and 2012 audits (note, that we have moved the covered years to reflect "the two most recent, full year periods" as required under EDGAR rules).  Suffice it to say that our biggest obstacle in providing satisfactory support for H-T has been resolved to satisfaction.  We will not "forecast" the release date of the audits (and the simultaneous filing of the Form 10 Registration Statement with the S.E.C., which is otherwise already completed); we'll just do it, then say, "Aha!  Go check it out!"

3.    Distribution Ventures / Pacts and Personnel -- The Company has mentioned that there is a venture being structured under which Hannover House would form a "multi-studio distribution pact" with two (or three) other independent suppliers.  The goal of such a combined marketing presence would be to lower our cost-of-sales, while increasing our unit-sales penetration and customer base.  The determination of the value of such a pact was long-in-the-process, and based in large part by management's dissatisfaction with the placement rates being achieved by outside sales representatives.  One of these outside, commissioned-sales representatives, Tony Perez, has since accepted a full-time position with Origin Films.  In 2011, Mr. Perez licensed his library of horror films and urban features to Hannover House (which 36 titles the Company has not yet started marketing), and subsequently worked as a commissioned, non-exclusive sales representative for the Company.  We wish Mr. Perez well, and hope that his new employment with Origin generates mutually satisfactory results.  Under the new Hannover House (multi-studio) distribution venture, there is no more opportunity for commissioned, outside or non-exclusive sales representatives.  In respect of the confidentiality of the multi-studio distribution pact at this time (one of the other three primary studios is also publicly-traded), the formal announcement of this sales venture will be withheld until possibly as late as August (which is the first month during which "new release" shipments will be handled under the new mutli-studio distribution pact).

4.   The Lion Prince -- Can't contain our enthusiasm for the acquisition of this amazing, $20-million dollar live-action / African wilderness adventure.  The stars (two, young African children) are outstanding, and the story and message in the film is inspiring.  Hannover House is looking at various release date opportunities, but has initial sites set for late January, 2014 (to be "on retail shelves" during February's Black History Month).  Stay tuned!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Which College Football Team will prevail as the BCS Champion for this coming season?  Will it be a repeat for Alabama?  Or will L.S.U. rise again?  Will Johnny "Football" Manziel take Texas A&M all the way?  And which teams are best-positioned for success?  While college football pundits argue over such points - including whether or not any non-S.E.C. school is likely to be a national title contender - Hannover House remains agnositic in our support for all fans.  Mostly, we're excited about the launch of our Football Preview (DVD) series, and for the fall season!  Go Teams!!

Terrorism: Kim Jong Un style...

(Guest Blog from Eric Parkinson, Hannover House CEO) -- Dear friends & Shareholders -- At the request of more than a dozen "verified" long shareholders in the Company received this weekend, this morning I posted a response to a slurry of absurdities posted on an internet chat board by a known stock manipulator.  While I understand and share the sentiment that such crazy rants must be refuted,  I have since realized that a better course of action is to continue forward with our corporate activities, and ignore the crying bully.  By refuting his intellectually-challenged posts, by proxy we're lending credibility where none is deserved.

That said, we will get back to the real world, and thank our legitimate longs for their support.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New art design for ZOMBIE WARZ

The home video distributor for "Zombie Warz: Falls the Shadow" in Japan used a more apocalyptic key art concept, and the title became a top ten seller there!  So we're looking at using their artwork (instead of our prior campaign of the large, looming zombie over the soldiers).  What do you think?
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