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Friday, May 31, 2013

THANK YOU to all our Company "long" shareholder supporters!

From all of us at Hannover House, we want to THANK the legitimate Shareholder "longs" who remained patient and kept-the-faith while we navigated some difficult waters.  With the announcement and OTC Disclosure of the Company's Credit Facility agreement with TCA Global Master Fund, we see smooth waters ahead as we cruise to new and exciting destinations.

Over the next few weeks, we will release new title details from recent acquisitions, and will be releasing corporate governance items as promised.  The closure of the TCA venture was 2-months in the works, and monopolized the time of HHSE managers... so other items that had been put onto the back-burner can now be brought forward and addressed / disclosed.

For those that have predicted (for more than two years!!) that "the sky is falling," we'd like thank you for the attention you've given to the Company, despite the obvious errors of your conclusions.  And for clarity: 

1).  Yes, TCA does have a lien against the Company's extensive and extremely valuable Film Library (and it was included in their Due Diligence review for accuracy and historic / current sales activities);

2).  Yes, the Company has already received a significant initial tranche of funding;

3).  Yes, most of the funding has been used for the acquisition and release of new titles (including eight new film and video releases), that collectively are anticipated to generate over $4-million in short term revenues for the Company;

4).  Yes, the transaction is extremely beneficial to the Company and it's shareholders;

5).  Yes, the attorney Compliance Letter is completed and will be uploaded shortly (tonight) to restore the OTC Markets Current Information status for HHSE.