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Monday, August 26, 2013

Strong retailer response to "Teaser" Art for Upcoming Titles!

Greetings HHSE Friends - It's always fun to get compliments and positive reactions from key retailers to our submissions.  Although none of the campaigns below are "final" as of this moment, the teaser-art has been very well received by all of our top three retail accounts!  That's a good indication of a nice pop in Q3 / Q4 Sales Revenues!  More to come... here's four of our upcoming ten titles that will be released from Oct. - Jan.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

On-Line order links for Razorbacks Football DVD

Greetings HHSE Friends - We've generated a lot of buzz in N.W. Arkansas (and throughout the state to a lesser degree!), with last week's initial launch of the Arkansas Razorbacks Football 2013 DVD.  For those of you outside the immediate market, if you'd like to see the video, it's available on-line at Amazon.com and Walmart.com (links below), with the sharper price at preseng through  Walmart.com.  We are also scrambling to get this item added early next week as a streaming title onto VODwiz, and will let you know when that goes live.

Meanwhile, we are excited to announce that ZOMBIE WARZ has fully shipped to Walmart D.C.'s for it's nationwide placement in their stores next month (September).  We also have upcoming placement commitments for AMITYVILLE ASYLUM, THE POSSESSION WITHIN, SPRING BREAK MURDERS and BLUES FOR WILLADEAN... plus a few Budget Bin titles and two of the larger (but still not publicly announced) new release titles!  At Hannover House, it's "Christmas in August" already with these exciting and substantial retail placements!

HERE'S THE LINK TO WAL-MART.COM for Razorbacks Football:


HERE'S THE LINK TO AMAZON.COM for the same item:


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Razorbacks Football DVD Blasts Off at N.W. Ark Retailers!

Retailers throughout Arkansas - but especially in Northwest Arkansas near the University - are reporting a brisk launch to Tuesday's DVD street date for "ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS FOOTBALL 2013."  Counter-top displayers are in the Customer Service Desks at all HARPS stores, and in the RAZORBACKS SHOP section at WAL-MART locations.  Some Wal-Mart stores also have facings in the "TV In-Line" sections, and some also have product on display in the Action-Alley display section for Arkansas Football Merchandise.  This item is NOT available in all HARPS or WAL-MART Stores throughout Arkansas, per buyer's discretion.  But it's got 100% penetration throughout the three county region surrounding the University (about 140 total locations).  Sales wise, some retailers, such as HARPS # 177 (pictured) are on their third displayer already!  Biggest issue thus far (after two days) is getting some of the store staffers to read the corporate memos and get the displayers properly placed.  But we're telephoning all Harps and Wal-Mart locations to make sure that product is properly merchandised in time for the busy, upcoming weekend of sales(traditionally, this coming weekend is one of the biggest sales weekends of the year due to University classes starting).

  TV In-Line at selected Wal-Mart Locations

Razorback Shop / Merchandise Areas at Wal-Mart

Customer Service Counters at Harps

Friday, August 16, 2013

Momentum often creates MORE Momentum!

HHSE is pleased to announce an exciting development with the Company's relationship with HARP'S FOODS (a mid-sized, regional grocery store chain).  Effective immediately, Hannover House has been added as a direct-sale vendor for all Harps Locations!  This closer relationship will increase cash flow, placement efficiencies and margins for Hannover House (as compared to prior access through a third-party wholesaler).  Initial placements (not surprisingly!) will be the ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS FOOTBALL 2013 video next week... with a Halloween multi-title display promotion and a Black Friday multi-title display both in the works!  Go Hannover House (and for those of you in the State of Arkansas), GO HARPS and GO HOGS!!


Harvard and Floy Harp founded Harps in 1930. They started the first store with $500 in cash that Harvard had saved while working in the citrus industry in California. The first store was Harps Cash Grocery and was located in Springdale, AR. Over the next 34 years they remodeled, expanded, and moved to bigger buildings as their business continued to grow.
By the early 1950’s, Harvard and Floy’s oldest son, Don, had joined them in the business. In 1964 Harps became a small chain when the second store was opened in North Springdale. By the mid-60’s, two other sons, Gerald and Reland, were involved in making the company a success. Don ran the company from the late 60’s until 1994 when Gerald took over as president. The Company purchased Don’s interest in 1995. Roger Collins, the current Chairman of the Board, became the president in 2000. Kim Eskew became president in 2008. In 2001 the Company’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) purchased all the outstanding stock from the Harp family and management; the Company became 100% employee-owned. Since 2001 the employees have seen their stock price go to over six times the original price. Sharing in the success of the company has built excitement among employees.
With 72+ stores in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri, the Company has aggressive growth plans. The Company’s strategy has been to differentiate itself from the competition based on quality, service, and freshness at competitive prices. The Company promotes no solution/no sodium added fresh beef, pork and chicken. With customized cakes, Martha Harp fried chicken, donuts and rolls; the Harps’ name signifies quality. Combining that image with employee-owned service, Harps has become one of the grocery industry’s most recognized independent chains and is a national success story for grocery companies competing against Wal-Mart.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hannover House book ADS to launch Sept - Nov.

New release books from Hannover House will be featured to consumers in a wide variety of trade and consumer publications this fall... including PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY, LIBRARY JOURNAL, FOREWORD MAGAZINE and the NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW.  Exciting times!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Now at a Redbox Location NEAR YOU!

ZOMBIE WARZ is available through REDBOX KIOSKS starting today (August 13)... if you're lucky enough to find a location that isn't already fully rented out of stock!  Hannover House checked on the title at five Redbox Kiosks near our offices in N.W. Arkansas - and ZOMBIE WARZ was already "out on rental" at all locations!  We hope that this strong consumer support will encourage Redbox corporate buyers to stock-up a bit heavier on the upcoming Hannover House releases:  AMITYVILLE ASYLUM, SPRING BREAK MURDERS and THE POSSESSION WITHIN.  Also, watch for DECEPTZ at selected Redbox locations starting next week!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Finally: Wyoming Secy of State posts correct A/S Share Count for HHSE

Frustrating delays on what all expected to be a simple filing change.. but as previously stated, amendments to corporate charters in Wyoming cannot be paid for with credit cards... only with company printed checks.  In any event, the January change to 600-mm shares is finally posted with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Entity Detail
Name:Hannover House, Inc.Status:Active
Filing ID:2009-000565408Sub Status:Current
Type:Profit Corporation - DomesticStanding - Tax:Good
Old Name:Target Development Group, Inc.Standing - RA:Good
Fictitious Name:Standing - Other:Good
Sub Type:
Formed in:WyomingInitial Filing:01/29/2009
Term of Duration:PerpetualDelayed Effective Date:
Purpose Code:Inactive Date:
Principal Office: 1428 Chester St.
Springdale, AR 72764 USA
Mailing Address: 1428 Chester St.
Springdale, AR 72764 USA
Additional Details
 Registered Agent: WyomingRegisteredAgent.com, Inc. Agent Address: 1621 Central Ave
Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA
Latest AR/Year: 01777148 / 2013
AR Exempt: N License Tax Paid: $50.00
Preferred Shares: 10,000,000 Preferred Par Value: $0.001   
Common Shares: 600,000,000 Common Par Value: $0.001   

eBooks, College Football & More!

Greetings HHSE Friends - as promised, here are the initial 'links' to the current (3) eBook releases, now available on Amazon.com / Kindle (and "in queue" at Barnes & Noble / Nook):




We are also excited about the upcoming eBook placements for "THE VERDICT" and "LENNON BERMUDA," as well as for selected catalog releases, including "BLOOD, MONEY & POWER: HOW LBJ KILLED JFK."  The economics of eBooks are attractive to Hannover House.  We save the out-of-pocket costs to PRINT, SHIP and STORE printed copies... and the cash-flow is closer to a "net 30" day cycle than traditional book stores and mass merchants (which fall into a 90-day payment cycle).  The consumer retail pricing is lower, but the margins to HHSE are higher due to the various areas of savings as mentioned.  Higher margins, faster pay, substantial relief to operating capital:  these are all very good things!

Also, as long as we're addressing Amazon.com, we're pleased to report that first day "pre-book" sales for the ARKANSAS RAZORBACK FOOTBALL 2013 DVD were over 180 units!  This item doesn't hit retail shelves until August 19 - and our consumer campaign (exclusively in Arkansas) starts the day before (and runs for two-weeks prior to the launch of the fall College Football Season).  So to have that level of immediate word-of-mouth sales response is encouraging!