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Sunday, August 25, 2013

On-Line order links for Razorbacks Football DVD

Greetings HHSE Friends - We've generated a lot of buzz in N.W. Arkansas (and throughout the state to a lesser degree!), with last week's initial launch of the Arkansas Razorbacks Football 2013 DVD.  For those of you outside the immediate market, if you'd like to see the video, it's available on-line at Amazon.com and Walmart.com (links below), with the sharper price at preseng through  Walmart.com.  We are also scrambling to get this item added early next week as a streaming title onto VODwiz, and will let you know when that goes live.

Meanwhile, we are excited to announce that ZOMBIE WARZ has fully shipped to Walmart D.C.'s for it's nationwide placement in their stores next month (September).  We also have upcoming placement commitments for AMITYVILLE ASYLUM, THE POSSESSION WITHIN, SPRING BREAK MURDERS and BLUES FOR WILLADEAN... plus a few Budget Bin titles and two of the larger (but still not publicly announced) new release titles!  At Hannover House, it's "Christmas in August" already with these exciting and substantial retail placements!

HERE'S THE LINK TO WAL-MART.COM for Razorbacks Football:


HERE'S THE LINK TO AMAZON.COM for the same item: