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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Razorbacks Football DVD Blasts Off at N.W. Ark Retailers!

Retailers throughout Arkansas - but especially in Northwest Arkansas near the University - are reporting a brisk launch to Tuesday's DVD street date for "ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS FOOTBALL 2013."  Counter-top displayers are in the Customer Service Desks at all HARPS stores, and in the RAZORBACKS SHOP section at WAL-MART locations.  Some Wal-Mart stores also have facings in the "TV In-Line" sections, and some also have product on display in the Action-Alley display section for Arkansas Football Merchandise.  This item is NOT available in all HARPS or WAL-MART Stores throughout Arkansas, per buyer's discretion.  But it's got 100% penetration throughout the three county region surrounding the University (about 140 total locations).  Sales wise, some retailers, such as HARPS # 177 (pictured) are on their third displayer already!  Biggest issue thus far (after two days) is getting some of the store staffers to read the corporate memos and get the displayers properly placed.  But we're telephoning all Harps and Wal-Mart locations to make sure that product is properly merchandised in time for the busy, upcoming weekend of sales(traditionally, this coming weekend is one of the biggest sales weekends of the year due to University classes starting).

  TV In-Line at selected Wal-Mart Locations

Razorback Shop / Merchandise Areas at Wal-Mart

Customer Service Counters at Harps