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Thursday, August 11, 2016

HHSE-Medallion Aim for Golden Globes / SAG / BAFTA with WWII Thriller "CHOSEN"

"CHOSEN" - a critically praised World War II thriller from Cannes Award Winning Best Director, Jasmin Dizdar ("Beautiful People"), will be released to theatres in the United States and Canada this fall by Hannover House, Inc. and Medallion Releasing, Inc. with the support of production company Sterling Pictures (UK) and North American Distributors Lionsgate Entertainment / Grindstone Entertainment. The special engagement release will target high traffic theatres in larger markets, and will be coordinated alongside an outreach campaign to voters of eligible major film competitions.

Special emphasis will be placed to bring the film to the attention of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Golden Globes), due to the film's historic relevance, superb production values, U.K. certification status and notable performances.

"CHOSEN" was written and executive produced by Gabriel De Mercur, and is based on the true story of Hungarian Jews who posed as Nazi Officers to infiltrate and sabotage the German war efforts. The film stars Academy Award nominee HARVEY KEITEL ("Pulp Fiction"), LUKE MABLY ("28 Days Later") and ANA ULARU (co-star with Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones in the upcoming Ron Howard / Dan Brown thriller "INFERNO"). Other producers include Mike Riley, Sylvia Caminer and Tim Dennison.

Hannover House has emerged recently as one of the top specialty distributors of quality, independent films to theatres. The company's June 17 release of "The Homeless Billionaire" set a house record for an independent release at the Regal E-Walk theatre in New York City, with an astounding one-week gross of $40,484.  Targeted promotions in support of the release of "CHOSEN" will include bulk ticket sales to School groups and Jewish-Interest organizations, as well as traditional marketing support.

Watch this space for the posting of the Theatrical Trailer and additional release information.