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Friday, June 20, 2014

Multi-title Banners / Hannover House Titles

Dear HHSE Friends - As we launch into a new campaign to significantly increase awareness, advertising, publicity and I.R. for Hannover House (launching on Monday of next week), we will be rotating the "Facebook" banners for some of the new and upcoming titles.  Pictured below are four of the initial banners that will be appearing on the HHSE Facebook page over the next few weeks.  As we move into JULY, we will begin posting SINGLE-TITLE THEMATIC banners that are likely to be published for an entire month at a time (which will generally feature our higher-profile theatrical titles, including the new, currently unannounced acquisitions).  We are extremely bullish about the substantial volume of new activities and the timing and manner of our consumer and shareholder outreach campaigns to communicate our message.