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Monday, June 23, 2014

Many more titles... including national theatrical releases!

Good morning HHSE Friends & Shareholders - we received some questions over the press release on Friday which listed some of the 30+ new release titles coming soon on the Hannover House label.  All of the questions were title specific and about titles that were not included in that particular press release (including, "The Lion Prince", "Reach", "Bobby Dogs" and multipack assortments).  These titles - and many others - are still on the HHSE slate of upcoming new releases... even though not every title was listed on Friday's recap summary.  The press release said that new release titles from Hannover House "include".... and then it went on to list about 30-titles.  The use of the word "include" was not meant to suggest "... and limited to..." when quite the opposite is true. 

The release slates firm up as each target month get closer - and as retail conditions appear most optimal.  For instance, a previous discussion to release "REACH" in November was suggested to be delayed until Spring, '2015, to coordinate with a promotional opportunity with the American Cancer Society.  In another instance ("The Lion Prince"), that item's release date is being driven by the schedule availabilities of the principal talent, lending their voices to this impressive African Wilderness classic.

Lots in store this week!