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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way...

HHSE management has endured a lot of criticism over the past few months and years, some arguably deserved, but most being what we consider to be pure nonsense.  The delays in completing audits - and the effect this has had on delaying the Company's plans to improve reporting status - are the one / two issues that we believe have merit critique.  A "gray area" complaint relates to our commitment to transparancy and timely communications.  By posting and otherwise disclosing "deals in process" we satisfy our goal of being open.  But in respect of the complexity of dealing with third parties, regulations and timing issues, we have been criticized for being open about "potential" deals since it's virtually impossible for all potential deals to ultimately close.  Accordingly, we have been encouraged to adopt a more restrained posture when dislosing deals-in-progress.  The assault from naysayers when the Company does not "bat 1000" has a more detrimental affect than when we deliver hall-of-fame batting results that were not telegraphed through early disclosure.

That said, the Company will not be immediately posting news about Parkinson's various meetings in New York last week, or Shefte's meetings in Los Angeles.  When these deals are signed, sealed and delivered, the Company will conform to the required disclosure (and if appropriate, a separate press announcement and / or blog posting).

The Company also asks that shareholders refrain from emailing Parkinson and Shefte directly, as no "one-on-one" communications can occur outside of issues already disclosed (and hopefully, these disclosures will continue to be clear enough to not require follow-up questions).  As a point in case, Parkinson received over 1,000 emails over the past 5-business days, several hundred of which were from shareholders asking about items already clearly disclosed in postings. 

As for the current share price, management believes that the speculators that are applying pressure to drive the stock price down are wrong.  Or maybe they also don't believe their own baloney, and are simply hoping to scare up some cheap shares while the hold the share price under water as long as possible.  But when the tide rises - or when the speculators exhaust from their efforts to hold down the price - the balance should be restored quickly... not unlike the way an inner tube will pop back to the surface after being held under water.  That's management's opinion.  However, the OTC Pinksheets markets do not always respond logically, so there can be no assurance that the appropriate result will be the actual result.  Still, it's what management confidently believes.