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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Parade of New Release Products for HHSE...

The "core" business of DVD / Blu-Ray releases for Hannover House continues to grow... as we build on our successes with Sci-Fi / Horror films each month... and begin to rotate in new genres (that compete for different shelf space); these new genres will enable the company to grow our monthly revenues without cannibalizing our own schedule (which could occur if we tried, for instance, to release four horror titles in a given month, and thus force our key accounts to select "the best two" of the bunch). 

New categories that will be more prominent for the company in 2014 are:


One interesting and emerging category in the marketplace is euphemistically referred to as "raunchy-comedy," fueled by the successes of titles such as "The Hangover", "Bachelorette" and the "National Lampoon" series.  In this respect, Hannover House wishes to congratulate Keith Birkfeld, New Films International and the production team on the completion of "AMERICAN BEACH HOUSE" starring Mischa Barton... that's a home video hit in the making!  Hannover House is working with New Films International on other titles they control... and we will be pursuing this new comedy as well.
Watch for a long and detailed blog for tomorrow, with lots of updates and issues as requested by shareholders!