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Thursday, November 21, 2013

8k Filing with Edgar... Shareholder Questions...

Good afternoon HHSE Friends & Shareholders - there have been some inquiries (and questions) about why the Company filed an 8K report with the Securities & Exchange Commission yesterday. 

As most of you know, Hannover House, Inc. is not currently "fully reporting" in that our Information Disclosures (8k's) and our Periodic Reportings (10k's and 10q's) have not been published onto the Edgar Database & Website.  We are following a plan to rectify this matter and become fully reporting.  In anticipation of the Company's upcoming Form 10 Filing, we are initiating steps to restore our CIK and CCC access to active status with the S.E.C.

The procedure and steps we have been advised to pursue are the following:

a).    Reactivate the CIK and CCC Files with the S.E.C. by filing a 8K report;
(This occurred yesterday.  Unfortunately, and we knew this would occur, the CIK and CCC codes on file with the S.E.C. for the Company referred to the last registered name of the entity, which was "Mindset Interactive Corp." instead of Hannover House, Inc.).
b).    Follow-up the 8K report with a notification to Edgar (from FINRA last year) of the company NAME and TICKER change;  (the filing of a notification of name change occurred this morning, and is in process by the S.E.C. / Edgar team).  UPDATE:  As of 3:07 pm today, the application to change the filing name to HANNOVER HOUSE, INC. was ACCEPTED and APPROVED by the S.E.C., as per a confirmation email received.
c).    Become "quasi-reporting" under the Hannover House, Inc. name by filing subsequent 8k information statements (which may include Financials as Exhibits).
d).    Speed Up Full-Reporting Status - By having the CIK and CCC files ACTIVE prior to the filing of the FORM 10 and 2-years of Audits, it will speed up the full compliance / full-reporting status when those items are submitted.  At some point along the way - the company's stock may qualify for automatic uplisting on the OTC markets to: OTCQB. 
More good things to come, thanks for your support ~ HHSE