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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cannes Update, Day Two News

Greetings HHSE friends and Shareholders. The news of our acquisition of "Within Screaming Distance" was well received and will be a feature story in the Business of Film Magazine (we'll post the link when their story breaks).  The producers are circling John Malkovich as the lead - and he has proven to be a great "anchor" actor to draw other notable talent into a project. However, with director approval and scheduling issues, it's always a challenge to firmly lock in all key cast members until a decision can be made as to "which start date will deliver us the most availabilities from the pool of talent?"  We realize that some of our shareholders are not directly active in the film industry - and as such, may not understand how approval based presales are structured. But be assured, this is a HUGE deal for HHSE, a far bigger project than any prior acquisition, and one of the best screenplays ever submitted (and we've read thousands of them over the years).

The financing is also a major leap forward for the company. Private funding for both the acquisition costs AND theatrical P&A means that HHSE does not have to struggle-and-juggle to fulfill this deal or to manage costs associated with the project. Huge title, no risk to HHSE. That's smart deal-making!

There's  a lot more news and deals to report from Cannes - but it's already 2am here and our schedule tomorrow is epic!