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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

False judgment to be rescinded

Greetings again HHSE friends - just a quick word to update more misinformation on IHUB.  A company called CAV Distributing has filed a motion to try to collect against HHSE for a judgment owed to them by ELITE ENTERTAINMENT.  Our L.A. counsel is confident that the move to strike this false and erroneous filing will promptly prevail. 

Hannover House had a previous judgment from 2008 owed to ELITE ENTERTAINMENT.  This judgment has been FULLY PAID / SATISFIED.  However, C.A.V. has a judgment against ELITE and is ignoring the satisfied status of the HH matter and attempting to collect again.  While it's possible that the C.A.V. attorney has made an "honest" mistake, we will still move immediately to vacate this erroneous judgment.  Hannover House has never had any direct involvement with C.A.V. manufacturing, and we have no balance due to Elite.  So this will be eliminated. 

UPDATE:  2:15 pm Central Time - INITIAL NOTICE TO VACATE FILING TODAY, there will be a more formal motion to dismiss which includes the California Satisfaction of Judgment documents in the original matter, which was fully retired by Hannover House.