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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Final production funding commitments received for MOTHER GOOSE!

HHSE is pleased to announce the closing of an agreement for $3-million in private equity financing for the company's epic 2015 project, "MOTHER GOOSE: JOURNEY TO UTOPIA."  This equity financing element was an essential trigger to supplement international presales and state incentives for the film's total production budget needs.  Principal Photography for the film will commence in Q1 (2015) with a major theatrical release planned for Thanksgiving 2015 (more than 1,000 screens are pegged for this first "tentpole" release from Hannover House). Watch for exciting news on the film's casting additions, director and production team (including a co-production venture with a major visual effects house). 

While the company will not abandon the core activities of direct-to-video or limited-release theatrical titles, it's been known for some years now that the goal of major revenue growth will require higher profile, wider-release theatrical titles. 

"MOTHER GOOSE: JOURNEY TO UTOPIA" is family friendly for theatres, and genre' friendly for the international markets.  Various book collections of "Mother Goose" rhymes have sold more than 100-million copies worldwide, ranking the publication unit sales as the #3 best-selling characters of all time.  Let's see if this title becomes the HHSE "Twilight" that launched Summit from a small indie studio to $500+million in revenues (and now, a key component division of LIONSGATE!).