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Monday, July 27, 2015

HHSE Blog Update - Monday, July 27

Greetings HHSE Friends & Shareholders - As a follow-up to our blog last Monday (which many complained as reading rather glum) - we are releasing today a significant spread of news and developments which more clearly define the current activities of the company.  There's so much positive activity in motion that it's been difficult to stop the process long enough to write-up informative blogs.  Accordingly, today's summary will be in bullet point format for brevity.

Watch this space!

MEANWHILE - it would not hurt the film's momentum if HHSE shareholders were to go to Fandango and pre-buy a ticket for this weekend's opening of "BONOBOS: BACK TO THE WILD" at the Regal Majestic 20 in Washington, DC (Silver Spring, MD).  We're looking to have a strong, single-screen box office result at that one location this weekend... so that our "standby" locations in second and third-tier size markets become "confirmed."  In mid-summer, no theatre owner wants to book a room to empty seats... so they often look at the results of single screen exclusives before allocating screens.  Just an idea...  We'd like to SELL OUT the morning show (11:00-am), since our evening shows already have support from The American Humane Society, Discovery Networks, The Smithsonian Institute, and the Downtown Silver Spring Visitor's Bureau.  If you buy tickets, but cannot attend yourself, please email the ticket link (or print them out, scan and then email the scan to):  Andrea@HannoverHouse.com  (Andrea Bernath), 479-751-4500.  Andrea will be getting these pre-paid tickets to the Discovery Center and to the Downtown Silver Spring office for distribution to families and visitors:




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FIRST UPDATE:  12:30 pm Central Time

HHSE's "DARK AWAKENING" Theatrical Expands to 6 more markets this weekend - and Fandango Ticket Links will be posted shortly.  New theatrical markets will be added every weekend through AUGUST, with the HHSE Home Video Release to Walmart, Redbox, Best Buy, Target and others occuring on OCTOBER 6th - same street date for Alchemy (sub-distribution deal) for VIDEO-ON-DEMAND;  HHSE Showtime Placement window opens January 5, 2016.  Based on pre-orders from the key big-box retailers, "DARK AWAKENING" will be the company's largest, single-title home video shipment since 2010.

Speaking of Alchemy - HHSE is pleased to be working with Alchemy on selected video-on-demand placements and accounts.  They have established vendor status at some accounts that have previously been unavailable to HHSE for placement.  With respect to "DARK AWAKENING," the licensor to HHSE (The Little Film Company), withheld V.O.D. rights from the offset of the deal - in lieu of requireing HHSE to pay a royalty advance.  However, this item will be added to VODWIZ, and will also be available in 4k format as the V.O.D. opportunities for that new media format emerge.

SECOND UPDATE:  7:33 pm Central Time

Crazy Monday - lots on our plates...

Anyway, for next Friday's opening of THE ALGERIAN in Washington, DC (and for the opening the following weekend in NYC), we are pleased to announce the appearance and "meet-in-person" support of our principal cast members.  HARRY LENNIX from the hit NBC Show, "The Blacklist" and TARA HOLT ("Californication") will be joined by the film's lead BEN YOUCEF and producer-director GIOVANNI ZELKO.  Should create a happening event!