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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Exciting week of Activities for HHSE!

Happy Tuesday HHSE Friends! Quite a bit is in store for this week at Hannover House. Here's a quick preview:

1).  L.A. SALES MEETINGS - C.E.O. Eric Parkinson is in Los Angeles for a series of meetings and activities, including high-level sales presentations with Netflix, Redbox and International Rights Licensors (the latter being in preparation for next month's EFM-Berlinale Market).

2).  ENCOUNTER PREMIERE - while this is not a big theatrical release (only a dozen markets), "Encounter" is still getting a first class launch from HHSE. A special event premiere will be held tonight at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, and is expected to feature some very special guests!

3).  ENCOUNTER OPENING - yes, a few theaters will launch this Friday. HHSE will expand the release if it is merited. A few theaters in selected markets will also open the Mexican political-thriller, BORRAR DE LA MEMORIA.

4).  TCA COURT FILINGS - last Wednesday, HHSE attorneys filed a motion to set aside the TCA judgment on the basis of fraud - and to recapture the substantial overpayments made by HHSE. A hearing is anticipated imminently - meanwhile, TCA is functionally blocked from ongoing collection activities. The HHSE attorneys believe that the company is in a very good position to receive the statutory 2-X penalties back for all "usurious" rates assessed by TCA (under their guise of "advisory fees" and "other charges" that were essentially misnomers for Interest).

A technical glitch in posting to this blog program from mobile devices is impeding the upload of these court filings - however, scans of the primary attorney's document are posted onto a Hannover FaceBook page:


5). BONOBOS VIDEOS!  The first shipment of DVDs of "Bonobos: Back to the Wild" resulted in a 56% sell-thru at Walmart Canada nationwide locations during the title's first 10-days! This is a good sign for how the USA video market will likely respond when "Bonobos" hits the shelves this spring! It definitely did not hurt to have a 13-minute feature story on the acclaimed CBS 60-Minutes program - Thank you, Anderson Cooper!