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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

... and the Beat Goes ON, and ON, and ON!!

Dear HHSE Friends & Followers:

What happens when you have the right time, the right product and the right resources to market a film?  We surprised a TON of people this past weekend with the STELLAR box office gross of $19,771 for "The Homeless Billionaire" at the prestigious Regal E-Walk theatre in New York.  A lot said it was a "fluke" and could not be sustained.  Why did they think this?  Is it because the PRIOR attempt to market the film was not successfully received (released 6+ years earlier in a different version under a different title?).  Certainly, many would discredit the film's age alone as the reason for why it was not likely to succeed.  But they were wrong... and the skeptics continue to be wrong.

Check out the MONDAY (June 20) and TUESDAY (June 21) grosses, and you'll see that this film's re-marketing campaign as designed and implemented by Hannover House is a MAJOR HIT!  The Monday grosses were a whopping $5,300 at the Regal E-Walk (3X greater than "Finding Dory" at that location) and the Tuesday grosses were an impressive $4,909.  In fact, HHSE would normally be doing a BACK-FLIP HAPPY DANCE if we did $4,909 for an ENTIRE WEEKEND!  But to do it on a TUESDAY NIGHT is outrageous!

"THE HOMELESS BILLIONAIRE" is up to $29,980 in only five-days... and we are probably going to finish the sneak-peek engagement tomorrow night at more than $36,000 for the week.

One theatre, one week, $36,000?  That's so far out of the ballpark, it's a SMASH homerun.

Now you can see why our Labor Day expansion on 100+ locations is getting solid support from the major theatre circuits!