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Saturday, February 18, 2017

HHSE to pursue sanctions against Fantastic Films

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - We were recently made aware that Fantastic Films International, through their local collection agent Dale Evans - is ATTEMPTING to collect funds against a balance that was LONG AGO FULLY PAID OFF.  The status of the FFI matter being FULLY PAID is is not a matter of opinion... it's a matter of MATH, and in the judicial estate, FACTS do matter.

Accordingly, in response to this ABSURD AND BASELESS attempt to get "paid again" - Hannover House (through counsel) will be filing a motion with the Washington County Court, seeking not only to fully acknowledge and vacate the satisfied judgment, but to seek SANCTIONS against Fantastic Films and Dale Evans for their attempt to commit a fraud against the court.

We're not willing to tolerate anymore baloney.

There was ANOTHER "legal mistake" committed last week, in that the collections attorney for Arvest Bank filed a lawsuit (against HHSE) to seek enforcement of a credit card balance - which was immediately recognized as paid and will be completely "removed" (withdrawn) on Tuesday (when the courthouse next opens).

Sorry, but when the HAMMER hits the ANVIL, anything soft will be crushed.  Don't let purveyors of baloney try to convince you that night is day and that small annoyances are actually big matters.  The truth will, once again, prevail over those that intentionally spew misinformation on stock chat boards.