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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

...And a very HAPPY Thanksgiving to all HHSE Shareholders!

Greetings to all HHSE Friends & Followers on this pre-Thanksgiving Wednesday!

As we reflect back on the past year, and our current situation, we find much to be thankful for. Some business ventures don't always work out as planned, but circumstances keep working out for the better. The results of this past year generated some definitive conclusions:

1).  COMMERCIAL?  We think it's safe to say that U.S. Theatrical and Video audiences are not anxiously awaiting the next "Mandarin-language" action film.  Despite big production values and big China box office results, the USA theatres and video retailers cannot get traction with films such as "Shock Wave" and "Extraordinary Mission."

2).  GOOD PRODUCT SELLS - U.S. Theatrical Exhibitors and Video Retailers have proven that they WILL strongly support "quality" films with production values, recognized stars and good performances.  Case in point:  our tiny theatrical release of "BATTLECREEK" has now sparked RECORD home video pre-orders for Hannover House - with placements at WALMART, TARGET, BEST BUY, FAMILY VIDEO and "awaiting" final approval from REDBOX.  This is the first HHSE video heavily supported by TARGET in five years!  Our advanced-buzz for "DAISY WINTERS" suggests even more impressive results are likely to follow!

3).  UPLIST - While HHSE does need to "uplist" - we DON'T need to do a corporate-merger with another entity to achieve this goal.  We were enticed by the offer of working capital and access to production funds from Crimson Forest, and thus our long, slow-dance this past year to try and complete a corporate merger.  But in the end, we have determined that we do NOT need to dilute our shareholders by 42% (or any amount) in order to become fully registered and uplisted.  Fortunately, the time we spent attempting to complete the Crimson merger enabled HHSE to get our audit materials and records in order to quickly facilitate a re-filing of our Form 10 Registration promptly following 12-31-17.