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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

HHSE - MEDALLION - VODWIZ Plan for Cannes Market 2018

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - with mid-April at hand, the plans for the Company's annual presences and activities at the Cannes Film Festival / Marche du Filme rise to the forefront of core activities.  This year will see a three-pronged presence at the market, highlighted by these principal endeavors:

1).  FORMAL LAUNCH OF VODWIZ STREAMING PORTAL - the Beta Site (500+ titles) is expected to be live in May, so this will provide the ideal forum for HHSE / VODWIZ to meet with program suppliers from around the world to discuss their participation in this digital streaming mega-store.  A two-sided 8-1/2 X 11 flyer now in design, will describe the VODWIZ portal business model, and a standard (boiler-plate) participation agreement will be on hand.  

As we get closer to the Cannes Market (May 8 - 19), the Company will have a better idea of primary supplier appointments, and can set a target for additional programming to recruit for participation.  At present, fourteen principal suppliers representing over 10,000 feature films (and television episodes) are already committed to the VODWIZ streaming model.

2).  GENERAL ACQUISITION ACTIVITY - Cannes remains the preeminent marketplace for high-end titles (films with major stars and significant commercial release value). There are other major film festivals, specifically Venice, Toronto and Sundance. However, all of the major producers and suppliers worldwide attend the Cannes Marche du Filme, making it a one-stop market for companies like HHSE to see the entirety of suppliers and available programming for the next year. 

3).  INTERNATIONAL SALES OPPORTUNITIES - This year, Hannover House / Medallion will be representing FOUR new release theatrical titles for worldwide sales.  Each of these four films will have an official Market Screening at the Palais Des Festivals - and will be supported with display ads in the principal industry trades, plus email solicitations to international licensors and direct outreach to principal buyers in the top fourteen key territories (AUSTRALIA-NZ, BENELUX, CHINA, FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY, JAPAN, KOREA, POLAND, PORTUGAL, SCANDINAVIA, SOUTH AFRICA SPAIN, UNITED KINGDOM). Direct licensing of these titles will generate sales commissions for HHSE / Medallion as well as assist with the recoupment of USA Theatrical P&A costs and direct payments to program licensors.  Films set for Palais market screenings are: