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Monday, June 4, 2018

Some Cannes 2018 Highlights Photos...

Actress / Producer LAUREN SWEETSER ("The Riot Act") across from the Palais Steps.

JON BRYANT ("The Guardian") speaks with Riot Act Director DEVON PARKS and star LAUREN SWEETSER across from the Palais steps. 

Business of Film Publisher ELSPETH TAVARES (center) attended the Cannes Market Screening of "DAISY WINTERS" and spoke afterwards with producer JANE BADLER-HAINS (left) and title star STERLING JERINS (right). 

ALANA JERINS (far left), is the mother of two rising stars in the Jerin's family, 20-year-old daughter RUBY JERINS ("Shutter Island", "Nurse Jackie") and "Daisy Winters" title star, 13-year-old STERLING JERINS (center) - who were joined by two family friends at the Palais Screening of "DAISY WINTERS."

Jerins sisters, RUBY and STERLING.

Producer JANE BADLER-HAINS and star STERLING JERINS are joined by writer / producer / director VIVIAN SCHILLING at the Majestic Hotel, after the "Daisy Winters" Palais Screening. 

Video Industry Veteran ADRIANA SHAW (Today's Home Entertainment, and now CEO of the streaming site HERFLIX.com), cozies up to HHSE C.E.O. Eric Parkinson at the private dinner reception held at the Majestic Hotel after the "Daisy Winters" Palais screening.

JON BRYANT ("The Guardian") interviews Jane and Sterling about DAISY WINTERS.

JON BRYANT also interviewed THE RIOT ACT Principals for a segment on BBC Worldwide.

HHSE / MYFLIX Execs ERIC PARKINSON and FRED SHEFTE grabbed the moment when seeing MYFLIX as the featured COVER of "Business of Film."  The two were also interviewed by JON BRYANT for a video feature for BBC Worldwide - to run the week of initial launch of the site.

London-based Videographer OLIVER ROBBINS scoped out Cannes locations for "B-Roll" footage and atmosphere shots - to spice up the feature stories on MyFlix, Daisy Winters and Riot Act. 

HHSE enjoyed the access to the Hains' family's large yacht, berthed in the key marina position adjacent to the Palais/

The Cannes Marina slots are booked nine-months in advance, so the placement of the Hains boat was a tremendous coup for accessibility and visibility. 

Videographer Oliver Robbins grabs some "B-Roll" shots of Devon Parks and Lauren Sweetser ("The Riot Act") from the second level deck of the yacht. 

Oliver Robbins scopes out additional Cannes sites for the video features.

BBC Crew setting up for a live-shot from the park, adjacent to the Palais.

HHSE / MYFLIX C.E.O. Eric Parkinson (right) on the boat with "The Riot Act" Principals LAUREN SWEETSER and DEVON PARKS.