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Thursday, November 29, 2012

More success at Wal-Mart for HHSE

Friends -- we've had a great year with placement of DVDs into Wal-Mart stores.  Recently, the success with the budget-bin-repricing of "BOGGY CREEK" (Halloween promotion) was very strong, and we were invited to present new titles.  Accordingly, there is a commitment for five new budget-priced titles from Hannover House, beginning with the January 15 release of "The Unexpendable Collection" (previously planned by HH for release in August, but hey, you take the space when it's available!).  Budget-bin titles at Wal-Mart can sometimes be hit-or-miss, with sales ranging from 10,000 units to (literally) 1-MILLION units.  The best-selling Budget-Bin title for Hannover House has been "OXYGEN" starring Adrien Brody, which sold a cumulative 678,000 units over a 32 week life in the Wal-Mart bin!  Fingers crossed for our new line up!!