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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OTC Management Update filing: Library Valuations 101

Good evening HHSE friends and followers.  Recent communications from some internet post boards suggest that there is a major disconnect in understanding film library valuations, third-party analysis and "ultimate" revenue forecast methodologies for entertainment properties.  In reviewing the comments, Fred Shefte and Eric Parkinson both realized that persons unfamiliar with entertainment industry terminology could possibly misinterpret information that, to those "in the know", would seem blatantly self-evident. In respect of the possibility that others -- perhaps even legitimate shareholders -- might also have difficulty in understanding the valuation process, it has been determined that the matter merits a formal OTC Markets filing as a Management Update.  Accordingly, instead of a brief blog post tonight, a more lengthy explanation of the film-library valuation process (and specifically how it relates to the 5-year and "ultimate" valuations for Hannover House titles), will be posted tomorrow to the OTC Markets HHSE listings, prior to the close of the trading day.  THURSDAY (Jan. 24) UPDATE:  the completion of reports and materials for the upcoming Shareholder's meeting has taken priority over the plan to post a review of Library Valuation methodologies.  So this particular matter is unlikely to be posted prior to market close today.  It will be posted as completed, which is a priority subordinate to our financial reporting requirements and SH meeting preparations.

As always, Hannover House management takes pride in being accessible and forthright to any legitimate shareholder requesting clarification on issues, filings and other disclosed information.  While we do not expect to receive calls from any of the anonymous bashers (they really don't care about reality), we do welcome calls and questions from real persons.  Have questions?  It's an easy fix!  479-751-4500.