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Monday, December 23, 2013


SUPER EXCITED to be moving ahead on a major and transformative production for Hannover House.  Here's some teaser information on the first of five major titles that are poised to transform HHSE over the next two years:

Mother Goose -  Journey To Utopia

Family-Appeal "Fantasy" Adventures films rank among the highest grossing movies of all time.  Bridging the commercial markets for both kids and adults, fantasy adventures have an evergreen value and a worldwide appeal, "Mother Goose: Journey To Utopia" builds on the awareness and characters from the infamous "Mother Goose" fables, and combines it with the audience-friendly element of "transportation to a magical world."  The result is a pleasing and commercial adventure that is ideally positioned to become an entertaining and popular movie experience.  With major star casting - including Academy Award Winner SHIRLEY MACLAINE as "Mother Goose" and SAMUEL  JACKSON as "Valkerna" - this film could achieve the stature of other, comparably themed films, including "Chronicles of Narnia", "Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland" and the recently released "Oz: The Great and Powerful."

 SYNOPSIS:   "Mother Goose: Journey To Utopia" tells the story of young Jack and Gillian, two pre-teen kids from modern-day America.  In researching a homework assignment, they stumble upon a mysterious and dusty old book of Mother Goose rhymes.  Upon opening the book, they are pulled from their world and thrust in to the magical - and fantastical - land of Utopia and Mother Goose.  Here they are faced with the challenge of saving Mother Goose from an evil villain, Valkerna, who believes that children no longer have any imagination.  As Jack and Gillian proceed on their journey, they run into a variety of amusing and enchanted characters who provide various forms of advice and assistance to help them save Mother Goose.  In the end, though, it is the imaginations of Jack and Gillian to save the day, and return them to their own world.

 Comparable / Similarly Themed Films:USAUSAWorldwide
ReleaseBox OfficeBox Office
TitleStudioYearGross ($M)Gross ($M)
 Chronicles of NarniaDisney2005 $              292  $              739
Chronicles of Narnia (2)Disney2008 $              142  $              419
Alice In WonderlandDisney2010 $          1,020  $              334
Chronicles of Narnia (3)Fox-Walden2010 $              104  $              416
 Oz: The Great and PowerfulDisney2013 $              235  $              492
Mother Goose: Journey To UtopiaFox-HH2015