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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What a great time for HHSE!

Happy New Year to all our HHSE Friends & Shareholders.  We hope the holidays were pleasant for each of you. 

Looks like the bounty is just beginning for Hannover House, as today's nationwide street date for "AMITYVILLE ASYLUM" is taking off like a ROCKET at Walmart locations!  And in queue for Walmart - just weeks from now - is "BLUES FOR WILLADEAN," so the HHSE new release assault for 2014 has begun.

The AMITYVILLE legend has grown into one of the most successful horror-film franchises in history.  Consumers can not get enough of this legendary haunted home in New York... and the new "AMITYVILLE ASYLUM" turns it up to "11" for maximum thrills.  Priced at only $14.95 suggested retail - with an "everyday low price of $9.96 for Walmart shoppers - "AMITYVILLE ASYLUM" is positioned to be one of the top selling DVD horror titles of all time for Hannover House.  Just as a point of reference - check out the chart below of top selling horror histories at Walmart:

Hannover House
Top Selling HHSE - Horror DVDs at Walmart
Walmart HHSE
Title Stars Net Units Gross
Oxygen  Adrien Brody, Maura Tierney            678,126  $      2,068,284
Devil in the Flesh  Rose McGowan            336,150  $      1,025,258
Devil in the Flesh 2  Jodi Lynn O'Keefe            128,900  $         393,145
Future Shock  Bill Paxton, Vivian Schilling              88,626  $         270,309
Boggy Creek  Texas Battle              30,384  $         147,362

Typically, most of the HHSE "direct-to-DVD" horror releases sell in the range of "Boggy Creek", "Humans Vs. Zombies", "Dawn of the Living Dead", "Fun Park", etc... as represented by the detail for BOGGY CREEK in the above table.  But every once in awhile - with the addition of a star or a particularly compelling concept or franchise - Horror DVDs at Walmart can truly ROCKET and become the home video equivalent of a corporate ATM machine.  It's way too early to say if "AMITYVILLE ASYLUM" will "have the legs" of movies like "Oxygen" or "Devil in the Flesh."  But it's certainly off to a GREAT start!

Last, but not least, another reason why we're excited to be doing what Hannover House is doing right now is the INDUSTRY GROWTH.  Today's edition of Home Media Magazine (timed for today's opening of the Consumer Electronics Show), shows not only the strength and resilience of the domestic home entertainment market... but actually chronicles GROWTH during 2013 (when many of the "outside-the-industry 'experts'" predicted the rapid decline and demise of consumer spending).  It's rather amusing to read the posts and prognostications from these legions of self-appointed "experts" that try to influence others with flawed logic!  But for any one of you who has read some of the nonsense on the IHub (and other stock-chat boards), you're already aware of the prevalence of such idiots. But in the long-term, reality prevails, and that's part of why we feel so blessed with the longevity of Hannover House and our exciting new opportunities.

Hannover House has operated continuously for over 20-years now - our sales and revenues are consistently growing - and our new productions for 2014 and 2015 are ideally positioned to transform the company.  This is all happening under the broad umbrella of a ENORMOUS and SOLID "Consumer Entertainment" marketplace in the United States (and worldwide, for that matter).  2014 is going to be epic for us, and we are grateful for those who will enjoy the journey alongside.