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Monday, January 20, 2014

Varied Genres for Release Slate Diversity

HHSE is pleased to announce the acquisition of a powerful, new indie-drama, "REACH" starring Catherine Hicks ("Seventh Heaven"), Daniel Bonjour ("Dragonquest") and Jelly Howie (upcoming in the epic miniseries "The Spoils of Babylon").  "REACH" tells the poignant and bittersweet tale of a man facing his own mortality from cancer.  In the tradition of "Dying Young" and "Philadelphia" sometimes we're most alive when facing our final days...the sun is brighter, the love is stronger, and the joy of life is at its greatest.  "REACH" can uplift and touch millions of consumers whose lives have been affected by cancer, either directly or within a loved one.

Over the next few weeks, Hannover House will be meeting with Walmart, Netflix, Redbox, Best Buy and other key accounts to determine the best street date for "REACH" and the various promotional opportunities that might apply to a film with such a universal message.

While the core portion of the Hannover House business will continue to be direct-to-DVD (and Blu-Ray) releases, the addition of varying genres of films will enable Hannover House to compete for MORE shelf (and kiosk) space than would be available for a purely horror-sci-fi product schedule.  Accordingly, shareholders will begin to see a broader mix of titles in the HHSE 2014 home video release schedule, including family films, urban films, dramas and even Spanish.