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Friday, January 24, 2014

New Staff needed for New Studio Partners: VODwiz Venture

Dear HHSE Friends & Shareholders - as we ramp up the consumer launch of VODwiz, we find ourselves facing a mountainous new workload of relationships, documents, masters and tracking.  Accordingly, HHSE will be adding some new staff to help specifically with the VODwiz venture.  Our proposed "Product Manager" will be a positioned headquartered out of the Arkansas home office.  Ultimately, we may have acquisitions reps in both Los Angeles and New York.

The successful, commercial launch of the Nanotech Nuvola device (with VODWIZ embedded as one of the key programmers), requires that we ramp-up the roll-out of VODWIZ at an accelerated rate over the next 30-days.  Working with the encoding / mastering team at Nanotech, we will now commence with the add-on of approx. 2500(+) indie studio titles (and some major studio fare as well), so that the consumer introduction to VODWIZ will be met with a broad assortment.  As most of you know, the "Beta-Test" launch of the venture included only selected Hannover House titles.  This was essential to evidencing the data-streaming capacities and functionality, before adding third-party supplier titles.

We're looking for a smart and organized "product manager" for VODWIZ. As Video-On-Demand streaming is an essentially "new industry," it's unlikely that we'll find people experienced in streaming.  Accordingly, a motivated, organized and creative individual with a love of media is what we're seeking for this specific position...