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Thursday, March 13, 2014

We're JAMMING on new release shipments this week!

Leigha, did the shipments of SABLE SHORE books get out to Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Books-A-Million, Amazon and Ingram today?  Leigha?  Leigha?  Can you pick up the intercom?  Guess I'll have to go see if you're in your office...

Oh, now I get it...!  Leigha's pleasantly distracted with the amazing print quality from U.S. Book Print Corp. and their terrific job with SABLE SHORE!  It's actually her lunch break, so it's okay that she's reading it at work.

So the take-away is that SABLE SHORE is NOW SHIPPING!!  Also, the items is about to be on sale at Amazon.com (actually, probably "not in stock" for a couple more days), and other major book retailers and libraries.  GO HHSE!