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Monday, March 3, 2014

Welcome to our new HHSE Shareholders!

Good Morning to all of our Hannover House friends, including our newly added shareholders and followers. For the benefit of our many newcomers, here is a bullet-point summary of key issues, activities and releases that are positively affecting Hannover House, Inc. (OTC Markets: HHSE).


CORPORATE STRUCTURE:  Hannover House, Inc., was formed in 1993 (originally as Truman Press, Inc., d/b/a "Hannover House").  For the first ten years, Hannover was operating exclusively as a book-publishing house. 

DVD EXPANSION:  In 2003, the Company added DVD items, beginning with the hit kids training video, "I GOTTA GO" (over 200,000 units sold!), and rapidly expanding into new release DVDs and multi-title Budget-Bin DVDs for Walmart, Best Buy, SAMS and other major retailers.  Hannover House DVD releases have collectively sold over 10-million videos in the past 10 years.  The Hannover House film library has over 200 titles now, and the 2014-2015 title schedule calls for more than 48 new releases.  DVD and Blu-Ray products currently represent about 91% of the Company's annual revenues... and show no signs of diminishing in total revenue production.

VIDEO-ON-DEMAND:  As the marketplace shifts towards alternate methods of delivery, Hannover House is responding and succeeding.  Many HHSE titles can be found on various V.O.D. portals and sites, including Amazon.com, Hulu, I-Tunes, Netflix, Vudu and others.  The Company just launched a forty title release agreement with Vudu... and continues to add new V.O.D. customers each month.

VODWIZ: Coming this summer, Hannover will launch a Video-On-Demand website and IPTV Channel known as VODwiz.  The VODwiz brand hopes to become "The Netflix of Independent Movies" by offering thousands of foreign, independent, esoteric and "art" films that are otherwise unavailable or difficult to find on existing V.O.D. sites.  Already, 10 key indie studios (collectively representing over 4,000 titles) have agreed to participate in the VODwiz roll-out... and discussions are underway with fourteen other suppliers, plus three major studios.  Consumers will have the option of watching VODwiz titles on either a "Pay-Per-Transaction" basis (for as little as $.99 per movie), or on a  subscription basis (ala Netflix) with an all-you-can-watch option for $5.99 per month.  As the total number of movies uploaded reaches a threshold of 2,000 titles, then the VODwiz consumer launch campaign will begin.

MEDALLION INTERNATIONAL PICTURES:  As a strategy to rapidly build corporate revenues and stature, HHSE has just announced the launch of "Medallion International Pictures," which will debut its initial title line-up at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival in May.  Utilizing international pre-sale licenses as a catalyst for financing, the new Medallion productions will add state and federal tax incentives, co-production ventures and private investor equity to complete the production funding of high-profile theatrical features that the Company will ultimately own and control.  The initial titles already announced are "Mother Goose: Journey to Utopia" (Shirley MacLaine and Samuel L. Jackson) and "The Legend of Belle Starr" (principal casting not yet announced). 
CORE BOOK ACTIVITIES:  Hannover House will remain active with its historic "core" business in book publishing, with printed editions supplemented by the emerging "E-Book" formats.  The Company's two most significant new releases now in production are "LENNON BERMUDA" (a biography of John Lennon's year in Bermuda, which inspired his acclaimed "Double Fantasy" final album), and "THE VERDICT: JUSTICE FOR JOHN F. KENNEDY, JUSTICE FOR AMERICA" the eagerly anticipated follow-up to author Barr McClellan's former # 1 National Best-Seller, "Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK" (2003, Hannover House).
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CORPORATE GOVERNANCE & GENERAL ISSUES:  In addition to management's focus on building revenues and new activities for HHSE, the Company is also proceeding positively on some key issues of corporate governance. 
1).   MARKET "UPLIST" -- The Company is in the process of qualifying for an automatic "uplist" to the OTC:QB exchange, as an improvement of the current status on the OTC Pinksheets.  Newly approved access to make S.E.C. Edgar Filings, combined with other compliance issues should achieve this initial goal quickly. 
2).   FULL REPORTING STATUS -- The Company intends to comply with all requirements, reports and disclosures to improve the stature of its equity shares, improve the liquidity and mechanisms for sale and transfer of shares, and as a result, improve the market growth potential for the shares.  The Company has completed a Form 10 Registration filing, which will be submitted through the S.E.C. Edgar access, along with two years of financial audits, to achieve this final compliance goal.
3).   COMPANY WEBSITE -- The current website for the Company, www.HannoverHouse.com, has not been updated in over a year, and contains outdated information, listings and staff.  A design firm has just been engaged by HHSE to update the site, add the new releases, add the new activities (such as VODwiz and MEDALLION) and to update & correct staff listings and other items.
4).   PPS VALUE -- Based on Price-Earnings Averages of other publicly-traded companies working in a similar capacity / market-space as HHSE, analysts have suggested that the HHSE shares are significantly undervalued at present (by a factor of 4-X to 5-X).  This valuation is especially exciting to know as it does NOT factor in the new (and potentially substantial) revenue streams to be generated from VODwiz and MEDALLION.  Of course, such a valuation opinion relies upon factors such as reality, facts and stock market logic, which do not always prevail in the penny-stock world.  It is management's hope that the activities to up-list the stock, combined with the revenue and activities growth, will motivate a broad base of enlightened investors to join the HHSE team and enjoy what we think is going to be a very exciting time for 2014 and 2015.
Watch this BLOG site for frequent updates on corporate issues and releases.  Also, feel free to "like" our FaceBook page (Link Below), and if you still have questions, write us at:  HannoverPR@aol.com