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Friday, February 28, 2014

One Week Later... where are we now, and where is HHSE going?

Following last Friday's annual meeting, some shareholders expressed anxiety and concern over the unreleased status of the Audit certifications and the Form 10 registration.  A few even predicted that "the sky will fall" and that Armageddon would soon strike our shareholders.  To counteract this anticipated fate, it was suggested that the Company pro-actively and immediately unleash a barrage of press announcements, OTC disclosures and S.E.C. filings.  Failure to do so, they said, could spell the end of HHSE share pricing and volume.

We thought about these concerns long and hard.  While we clearly disagreed with the logic of such fears (i.e., that nothing else about the Company's activities and results mattered except for the satisfaction of a self-imposed target date for the release of the audit letter), we felt that all shareholder concerns merited our consideration. 

Ultimately, we decided that we would allow the strength of the information disseminated at the Shareholder's Meeting to carry its own weight.  We decided to NOT blitz the market with a barrage of news, announcements and filings.  There was no urgency or deadline demands to release anything during the week immediately following the Shareholder's meeting.  So why feed the fear?

Our conclusion was that Shareholder's looking exclusively at any one issue - like the proverbial "single issue voters" in politics - would never be satisfied until their specific single-issue was resolved... and that a barrage of exciting new announcements might attract new shareholders, but would still not satisfy these single-issue thinkers.  Accordingly, Hannover House released no new press announcements, no new OTC Disclosures and no new S.E.C. Edgar filings during this past week.  We felt that the information presented at the Shareholder's Meeting deserved time to germinate and take root within the broader base of HHSE longs.  We felt that solid results and an exciting future represented positive and significant data, and that the Company's goal of up-listing was still on track and progressing positively (despite the unreleased status of the audit letter).

While the "single-issue" shareholders will ultimately be satisfied soon, we are already happy to see that the broader base of shareholders has embraced the big-picture vision of Hannover House.  The enthusiasm of our longs is represented in an INCREASE in share volume this past week of 97% over the five trading days leading up to the Shareholder's Meeting... and a healthy INCREASE in the PPS of 17% over last Friday's closing price.  Positive growth in both volume and price... and without a blitz of new releases or filings.  Pure shareholder demand, fueled by an analysis of everything that is progressing for the Company, the good, the bad and the still-in-progress.  The big picture, the big future and an impressive here-and-now.

We are grateful for those shareholders with vision and insight, and we share your enthusiasm for the many great things that are in the immediate future of HHSE.

HHSE - Volume & PPS
Date Volume Closing
Feb. 28           3,806,796  $     0.0182 Up 17%
Feb. 27           4,841,289  $     0.0180
Feb. 26           1,298,187  $     0.0138
Feb. 25               555,435  $     0.0133
Feb. 24           2,611,468  $     0.0139
5-Day Avg:      2,622,635 Up 97%
Feb. 21           1,860,129  $     0.0155
Feb. 20               715,422  $     0.0170
Feb. 19           1,856,306  $     0.0185
Feb. 18               182,022  $     0.0170
Feb. 17  Mkt. Closed   N.A. 
Feb. 14           3,143,821  $     0.0174
Feb. 13               754,560  $     0.0165
5-Day Avg:           1,330,426