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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Discussion and Brainstorming on CASTING for "Belle Starr"

As we plan for the upcoming production and launch of "The Legend of Belle Starr," some names have surfaced as potential candidates for a couple of the smaller (but "pivotal") roles in the film.  Just asking around the Hannover House office today, we posed "who do you think would make a GREAT Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok?"  Here are the top five answers for each role...  Obviously, any of these performers would be GREAT and could certainly do the roles justice - as are many others, we presume, who are not on the office short list yet.

Maybe some of our HHSE Shareholders & Friends have some ideas or thoughts before we go meeting with the agencies?  If you do have a great idea to share for a star performer, please send your casting ideas to: Leigha@HannoverHouse.com.

Calamity Jane:
Jennifer Lawrence
Kaley Cuoco
Heather Graham
Kate Mara
Kristen Stewart
Wild Bill Hickock:
James Franco
Kurt Russell
Gary Oldman
Kevin Costner
Benedict Cumberbatch