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Friday, February 14, 2014

WOW! HHSE is off to the races at WALMART CANADA locations!

Although we announced a few months back that we had entered into a new distribution pact to place product into Walmart Canada - it was only yesterday that the first MEGA ORDERS finally came through!  So it's a very Happy Valentine's Day at Hannover House as we assemble the pallets of product shipping out for March and April placement!  Key titles include TOYS IN THE ATTIC and ZOMBIE WARZ;  secondary placements include FATHERS OF THE SPORT, AMITYVILLE ASYLUM and BLUES FOR WILLADEAN.  Can't wait until the second week of April when Hannover House will have FIVE new release titles on the shelves at Walmart Canada locations at the same time!  Go HHSE!  What a great piece of news to add to our plethora of announcements at next week's shareholder's meeting!

(Photo: wrapped and ready pallets of HHSE DVDs staged for trucking pick-up today and shipment to Toronto, Canada / Walmart March - April placements).