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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Form 10 Publication Time-Frame

Greetings HHSE Friends, Followers and Shareholders - HHSE management is pleased to announce the completion of the Form 10 Registration Statement, and to report that the document has been submitted for filing release to S.E.C. Edgar Department.  We are advised that such "registration statements" are not an automatically published filing on Edgar - unlike periodic reports (10K, 10Qs) which are published  almost as quickly as they are submitted.  We are also advised to expect some level of "commentary" that will need to be addressed back to the S.E.C. if such commentary arises.  Timing wise, we are told that some form of acknowledgement is expected from the Edgar Department.  If allowed by the S.E.C. (or approved by our counsel), we will reprint the filing acknowledgment on this blog.  Formal publication onto Edgar could happen at anytime after Tuesday, or up to a week later, depending upon how quickly the filing is reviewed and approved by them for publication.

Once the filing is published onto Edgar, HHSE will apply to the OTC Markets for uplisting to the QB exchange.  This is also not an immediate or automatic procedure as the OTC Markets will need to verify that HHSE has met all of the criteria for uplisting to QB.  But the hard part is done... the project is off our desks and into processing... and the timing is superb.

This week also marks the theatrical launch of "ON ANY SUNDAY: THE NEXT CHAPTER" to approximately 250-theatres nationwide.  We encourage all HHSE friends, followers and shareholders to go see the film at a theatre near you... and to take some friends (heck, invite the local motorcycle club!).  The publicity support is going to reach a fever-pitch on Wednesday and Thursday, so strap on and get ready for a helluva ride!

Due to the insane workload involved with this current theatrical release - as well as ongoing releasing activities and the VODwiz mega-project - it's unlikely that key HHSE managers (Parkinson and Shefte) will be accessible this week.  If any of you are writing emails or calling, please don't be dismayed if your response is delayed.  It's because we're crazy-good-busy!