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Monday, March 16, 2015

Budget Bin Bonanza - Placements & Revenues!

In addition to a record-number of New Release placements for Hannover House / Medallion titles for this coming June NR and Modular resets, the Company is also going to have significant representation in the Budget Bins at Walmart and Best Buy.  Several titles feature high-profile casts, while others offer multiple title collections at a bargain price.  Over the past five years, unit volumes at the Budget Bin pricing have soared, and with that, increased competition from the major studios for these coveted placements.  At only $5.00 cost to consumers (Walmart & Best Buy), DVD's in these offerings become an impulse purchase... and shoppers will often buy three or more titles.  The revenue range can vary widely... with initial orders in the $75,000 per title level... and reorders on many titles (fourteen for Hannover House in the past, to be precise), often exceeding $1-million in cumulative value.  Three prior Hannover House titles ultimately exceeded $2-million in Budget Bin gross revenues.  It's very exciting to see years of hard work culminating NOW as the company fulfills its goals and promises.