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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Shareholder meeting recap

Good afternoon HHSE friends. Here's a quick recap of this morning's annual meeting of Shareholders:

1).  Eric Parkinson distributed copies of the completed Form 10 filing, including the auditor's report, full financials and notes. The Form 10 was also uploaded to MacReport Media with instructions to publish it onto the S.E.C. Edgar site.

2).  Tom Sims presented a line up of current and upcoming new DVD / BluRay releases in the Company's core businesses, including supplier studio titles under the Medallion Releasing label.

3),  Fred Shefte discussed the civil litigation against the stock manipulators and perpetrators of false and damaging misinformation against HHSE and its managers. He explained that the HHSE action against these parties will not interfere with a simultaneous criminal investigation by the FBI into these same individuals.

4).  Parkinson described many of the funding sources and partnerships that are in place for a variety of original / theatrical caliber productions.

5).  A lengthy Q&A followed, with discussions on these issues:

a).  Status / timing of VODWIZ launch;
b).  Description of current staff;
c).  Questions about Ahnume Business Consultants, and whether or not the principals are also officers or directors of either HHSE or NanoTech.
d).  Discussion of 2014 results; questions about 2015 and 2016 releases and forecasts.

If the release of the Form 10 to Edgar does not occur pre-market Monday, it was agreed that the company should find a means to make this large document accessible to those not in attendance. The issue of potentially raising the A/S for future debt conversions was not supported by the attendees, and no action was taken in this matter.

The mood among Shareholders in attendance was positive and the general consensus for the company's activities was very good. Onward and Upward!