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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Strap-in HHSE Friends - Get Ready for an AMAZING SUMMER!

Dear HHSE Friends - What do you do for an encore, after having a record Q1?  How about a dramatic increase in new releases - both to theatres and to home media?  That's what HHSE and Medallion have in store for Summer, 2015. Three theatrical releases and more than THIRTY (30) titles to home video (both physical goods and video-on-demand), including four hold-over hits from Q1 sales!  There's too many titles to FIT onto a single announcement, but we've gathered a majority of them below, so that our friends and shareholders can be on the lookout for these packages at Walmart, Best Buy, Target and other major USA retailers.

How do you build a $100-million dollar company?  Find out what's working and do a LOT MORE of it!  That's the HHSE / MEDALLION strategy for 2015 and moving forward.  This summer marks a turning point where HHSE distributed titles will be among the most prominent labels at mass merchants... and the significant increase in revenues are occurring without a significant increase in operating costs.  It's a winning formula - so strap in and enjoy the ride!