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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This is why a Soft-Launch is so Crucial - - -

Over the past two weeks since consumers were first made aware of the forthcoming launch of VODWIZ, we have generated over 30,000 clicks to checkout the site, earned over 2,300 FaceBook "likes" and registered hundreds of new VODWIZ users.  Unfortunately, we've also encountered various problems with registration confirmations, order processing and glitch-free digital deliveries.

As stated before, a soft-launch for a major consumer website is crucial for working out such issues before going gangbusters with tonnage of new title listings and millions of consumer impressions.

The technical glitches are being addressed, and will hopefully be resolved in the next few days.  HHSE and VODWIZ are making a presence at the Cannes Film Festival and Marche du Filme this week (and next) with quite a few new supplier studios and rights-licensing agencies ready to sign-up for participation.

On a related note, HHSE and VODWIZ are pleased to announce the appointment of Katherine Mills as VODWIZ STUDIO RELATIONS Manager.  Katherine has been working in a production and mastering capacity at HHSE since last September, and as of this past Monday, has been promoted to this enhanced position as primary contact person for all VODWIZ supplier studios.

Could VODWIZ become the tail that wags-the-dog at HHSE?  Based on the enthusiastic response received from a wide range of suppliers, many would  predict "yes," that VODWIZ could become something very significant!  A few glitches need tweaking and more titles need adding - but the structure is in place for an exciting result...