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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"Impressive" is a word that many industry leaders are using to describe HHSE activities right now!

Good afternoon HHSE Friends & Followers - Lots happening on many levels (corporate, legal, theatrical, home video and VODWIZ).  Here's a few items of interest, provided at the specific request of shareholder emails:

1).  DANCIN' IT'S ON! - Official Theatrical Trailer - PREMIERES THIS FRIDAY, OCT. 9!  We are so honored to have Regal Entertainment Group as our distribution partner on the film's TRAILER launch... and it will appear THIS FRIDAY on approximately 1,100 Regal Screens showing the Warner Brothers fantasy adventure, "PAN."  This is a HUGE development for an indie studio: to have our trailer selected for national release in front of a top three studio release!  The REGAL placement will last through October, and will be supplemented next Friday with more screens showing "GOOSEBUMPS."  Total impressions on movie-goers is predicted to be 3.5-million.  Plus, the trailer will begin showing up EVERYWHERE (other theatres and websites) beginning Friday.  This is a superb way to JUMP START the buzz on "DANCIN' IT'S ON" and to elevate the visibility of HHSE.

Meanwhile, you can Sneak Peek View thbe trailer here:


ALSO - the "HAPPY" poster variation will appear in THREE Color configuarations.  The BLUE background will be utilized for the film's primary theatre lobby posters... the YELLOW background will be utilized for DANCE SCHOOLS / DANCE STUDIOS (comprising a major portion of the outreach campaign), and the WHITE background will be utilzied for post-card sized handouts.

2).   OPENING DAY EVENTS - Too much to describe here at this time... but there will be "DANCIN' IT'S ON" media and consumer events in eight of the nation's top markets for Friday, Oct. 30.  More details to follow....

3).   NATIONAL TV ADS - Wait until you see our "STEP-UP" Style national TV spot - which debuts NEXT MONDAY on "DANCIN' WITH THE STARS" (we will post a link on this blog before hand!).  Fast, Furious, Fun - it's got tremendous energy and impact!

4).  TCA DEBT - Yes, in  response to email inquiries, Hannover House DID make the October cash payment on time to them!  No more el cheapo shares to hurt the stock as a result of the painful TCA / MAGNA structure that had dogged the PPS the past three months.

5).  SHARE ISSUANCE ERROR - HHSE has hired a litigation firm to pursue a lawsuit to force the return of approx. 9.8-mm shares that were erroneously issued in last month by Standard Registrar to Blackbridge Capital on an already fully retired convertible note.  We hate to sue these parties, but they were not entitled to the shares and refused to freeze the issuance or return the shares. It is possible that this mistake will spell the end of the HHSE problems we've had with Standard Registrar as it will force either a better system of controls on their part, or force us to move to a T.A. that consistently follows due diligence protocols.

6).  DARK AWAKENING - Shipments to WALMART and TARGET went out last week via SONY DADC and ALCHEMY Entertainment, with product appearing at their stores over the next few weeks (pre-Halloween!), in a staggered spread that will ultimately reach all A, B and C level stores.  BEST BUY, FAMILY VIDEO, HASTINGS, EURPAC and other major accounts have also shipped, with overall DVD quantities surpassing the Company's prior shipment record of 71,000 units of HUMANS VS. ZOMBIES.  Pictured below is HHSE's Katherine Mills, displaying some of the DVD product "hot off the press" from the HHSE DVD replication line!