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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mega-Blog Post / General Updates for pre-market tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 30)

Good Morning HHSE Friends & Followers: the past two weeks have been the most intense in the Company's history - with a large variety of issues and activities monopolizing every waking hour, and demanding little time to stop and reflect.  As a result, this blog - and other shareholder communications - have suffered and been functionally silent. Apologies to all of you who have felt that the HHSE managers had fallen off-the-grid. It's a bit like being in the middle of the SuperBowl, and stopping to check for messages on your I-Phone.  Sometimes it's best to stay focused on the task at hand, if the reward is this substantial. 

With the completion of the launch of the theatrical release of "DANCIN' IT'S ON" - which premieres at the Carmike 10 tonight in Panama City, FL (major event sponsored by the Florida Film Commission), and opens commercially in all of the top USA markets tomorrow - there's finally time to catch a breath and write a blog update. 

Expect this by pre-market tomorrow, as most of our executive team is traveling today (to manage the "opening day events") in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Panama City, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Minneapolis-St. Paul.  Meanwhile, below are some random photos from last week's MEDIA DAY and RED CARPET PREMIERE events held in Los Angeles.... and some of the DIGITAL BANNERS running on sites including PEOPLE.com, Fandango.com, IMDB.com and 43 other high traffic entertainment and exhibition websites.