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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

HHSE - Shareholder's "on-line" Meeting Set for Thurs., March 31st at 3:30 pm Central Time

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - Tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 pm, the Hannover House management will be conducting the sixth annual meeting of HHSE (formerly TDGI) shareholders.

This presentation will be live-streamed for viewing over the internet.  It will also be recorded for delayed viewing for those who are unable to watch "live."  LIVE-STREAM ACCESS / LOG-IN DETAILS:


Questions for management can be sent to:  HannoverPR@aol.com - and we will address as many legitimate shareholder questions as possible.

As per prior blogs, the agenda issues being discussed tomorrow include:

1).  DISCUSSION OF 12-31-2015 YEAR END FILINGS - the OTC Markets Report / 10-K is now due to be filed; however, the OTC MARKETS and OTCIQ websites are both "down" today - for all issuers. If the OTC Markets do not restore issuer filing access to their site by tonight, then the lengtht HHSE year-end report will be posted onto this Blog Site so that Shareholders will have the opportunity to review prior to the meeting.

a).  Revenue Results;
b).  Legal Matters & Resolutions;
c).  Benchmarks Achieved re: debts;
d).  Audit, Form 10, Uplist, New Library Valuation.

2).  STATUS OF INDUSTRY / TRENDS AND ISSUES - What is working? What is not working? How will HHSE / Medallion navigate the changing marketplace for independent films worldwide?

3).  VODWIZ UPDATE - Current status of streaming portal venture, and significant opportunities to discuss and pursue.

4).  CANNES & INTERNATIONAL MARKETS - Discuss strategy, titles, expectations.

5).  PRODUCTION VENTURES - Funding structures and status updates;

6).  SHORT TERM FORECASTS?  LONG TERM FORECASTS? - Discussion of how the current activities are expected to impact revenues during the short term and longer (2-year) terms.

Please note that ADDITIONAL EXHIBIT ITEMS from the Shareholder's Meeting will be posted to this Blog Site, which are NOT a part of the Company's standard year-end disclosure filings.