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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Walmart reports "BRISK" First Day DVD sales for "DANCIN' IT'S ON!"

Greetings HHSE Shareholders & Friends - What's the best kind of phone call to get?  Well, I suppose there's quite a few correct answers to that question.  But for a Company like Hannover House, to get a phone call on "STREET DATE" of a new release title asking "HOW FAST CAN YOU FILL REORDERS" is a pretty good candidate!

"DANCIN' IT'S ON" arrived on shelves at approx. 3,500 Walmart Stores nationwide today, to what was described as "BRISK" day one sales!

Comparble genre' titles such as "STEP UP" and "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" have gone on to sell in excess of 1-million units each at Walmart... so we are cautiously optimistic!