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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Updates / HHSE-Medallion Products at WALMART!

Street date was yesterday (Oct. 4) for BAD GIRL at 2,250 "Urban" and "High-Volume" Walmart locations in the USA.  It was also the eighth consecutive week for UNION BOUND (!!) and the launch week for THE LINDA VISTA PROJECT into 3,580 locations.

SALVATION is in its third week at WALMART CANADA locations - and DVDs of  DAY OF REDEMPTION, THE CONGREGATION and JOB'S DAUGHTER all ship within the next two weeks for NOVEMBER placements at Walmart USA.

There is a good possibility that HHSE / Medallion could have a total of  TEN (10) active New Release skus' at Walmart for the first week of November - which is especially impressive considering that most locations only stock 96 New Release skus (inclusive of the Major Studio mega hits!).