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Monday, October 31, 2016

HH Files Disciplinary Action against "Amityville" attorney

Dear HHSE Friends & Followers - licensed attorneys are considered "officers of the court" and are required to uphold to a code of conduct and ethics.  In two recent instances, attorney Austin Easley (counsel for Amityville Asylum) has violated these foundational principles. Accordingly, Hannover House has contacted the Deputy Director of the Arkansas Judiciary, Office of Professional Conduct and registered a formal complaint.

In the most recent instance, Mr. Easley included false statements in a court filing - saying that Hannover House had "threatened" bankruptcy, and that this was the motivating factor to them pursuing a civil lawsuit. This is an untrue statement with malicious intent, as Hannover House has never threatened bankruptcy, and has in fact demonstrated that such an action is not only unnecessary but functionally impossible to impose due to the structure of how assets are secured. It would appear that the intent of making such a blatantly untrue statement in a court filing was planned by Mr. Easley to gain unfair advantage in the civil suit and to sabotage shareholder enthusiasm in Hannover House.

The amount due to Amityville Asylum is less than $18,000 - and we had begun making monthly installments prior to their filing of a lawsuit.  If Hannover House were able to pay full pay off nearly $400,000 each to TCA and to Fantastic Films without filing "bankruptcy," then the amount due to Amityville by comparison is insignificant... and the claim made by Mr. Easley is absurd and laughable.  Amityville's royalties would have been FULLY PAID off months ago had they not filed a lawsuit, which acted to stop our monthly installments. In our opinion, this is a nuisance lawsuit, that seems to be benefiting ONLY Mr. Easley's billings.

We will inform our shareholders of how the Office of Professional Conduct elects to deal with these false statements made by Easley.