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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The day before the big move!

Good morning HHSE Friends & Followers - As disclosed previously, Hannover House is moving our executive offices to 300 N. College in Fayetteville.  We have taken approximately half of the top floor penthouse level, adjacent to Butler Broadcasting Center (top rated local radio station operators), and have terrific views of Fayetteville, the University and the Dickson St. Entertainment corridor, visible from both Fred Shefte's and Eric Parkinson's offices. The painting is complete, and the carpet cleaners are busy at work. The big furniture move is tomorrow, and the porting of the telephone lines is Thursday.

Parkinson and Shefte both wish they could say "we'll miss the Springdale warehouse offices," but as public company officers, we are required to be truthful at all times, even in polite circumstances. Frankly, the invasion of 19 raccoons 2-years ago, left a lingering "tang" to the warehouse air - and these old offices were never nice enough to invite VIP guests, program suppliers, celebrities, or even Parkinson's brother, former Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson.

When the opportunity to relocate the warehousing was presented, this opened up the chance to have top quality executive offices, no raccoons, and a far better location. Change can be very good.  Onward, HHSE!

Selected Photos of some of the new offices:

HHSE Offices, Top Floor, Western Facing Windows

Front Entrance & Reception Office

Accounting Office

View from Executive Suite # 1

Executive Suite # 1

Technical Services Office

Executive Suite # 2

Hallway (will be lined with shelves)

Restrooms / Kitchen Facilities